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    Wanting a little one.
    Wishing4u posted:
    Me and my boyfriend are recently starting out for a baby. This will be our second month ttc. Of course he feels like I should be prego by now but he has no patience. My sisters currently have 2 children each while I currently have none. I want a baby so much. I want that mom feeling. I know it's coming but I want it now. Lol
    beegirl224 responded:
    Welcome and Good Luck!!!

    Baby Dust to you!!!!!
    babymakinglady responded:
    My husband and I also recently started trying. Our 2nd month of trying, as well. Neither of us have any children now and are very hopeful that we will conceive soon. I'm worried that I may have difficulty because my mom and other female relatives on her side had difficulty or were unable to get pregnant, but just like everyone says, you never know till you try!

    Good luck to all of us, and I hope we are all knocked up soooooon!!! I'm supposed to start AF on the 20th, so we'll see! When will you know?
    Wishing4u replied to babymakinglady's response:
    At the end of this month . The 30th. So I got a couple more weeks to go. Until then I will be constantly hoping. So hopefully we will be able to get great results. Keep me posted on your outcomes!
    babymakinglady replied to Wishing4u's response:
    Waiting sucks really bad. I've been totally exhausted at work the last few days, but OF COURSE.... that could be (and probably is) just PMS. I've been limiting my coffee to just one cup a day lately to help boost my chances by being healthier (eating better, taking vitamins, etc.) so that could also be why I'm so sleepy all the time. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that it will happen this month. It's nice to be able to connect with other women going through the same thing, though.
    lilkutie replied to babymakinglady's response:
    my AF is supposed to come in 4 days. got 2 BFNs. bummer... but I think I took them too early. silly me... I try not to take another one until 1 day before AF. would be devastated if I see another BFN. I keep having this AF like pains in my lower tummy for a week now, which never happened before. I'm trying not to hold all my hopes on it though. We'll see.

    Hope this is our month, ladies! BABY DUST!!!!
    Wishing4u replied to lilkutie's response:
    Awww lilkutie. Hopefully you get that BFP soon. As I hope we all do. Babymakinglady I have stopped all coffee intake, well limiting myself and eating healthy and continuing my vitamins. Hope this is our month ladies!
    babymakinglady replied to Wishing4u's response:
    AF didn't come today!!! I've had the same PMS symptoms I usually have, and it's late by a day or two sometimes. But my fingers are crossed!!! I'm gonna wait 2 days to test. I have some HPT's in the mail on the way to me.
    Wishing4u replied to babymakinglady's response:
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
    babymakinglady replied to Wishing4u's response:
    AF was supposed to come March 20, but now it's March 24. I've had 2 BFN's and still no AF. She's never late for me! I feel like my insides are EVIL and conspiring against me. What a mean trick! I feel like I'm coming down with a cold, so maybe that's why it's late. Oh well, I've got more time.
    babymakinglady replied to babymakinglady's response:
    So, I've been reading online and it turns out that a lot of women don't get a positive test result on a HPT even 5 months into pregnancy... This really has me thinking, since AF has only been more than 2 days late ONCE in my life, when I was 19 and having an intensely stressful time. So who knows? Maybe I am pregnant and the hormone just isn't showing up?? Obviously it happens, so why not me??
    Wishing4u replied to babymakinglady's response:
    Yea I've read that alot also. Maybe that positive will show up in a couple more days. The hormone may not be enough for a positive yet. As far as our insides they can be very mean sometimes lol

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