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    amy7878 posted:
    Hey girls......

    Just thought id ask for thoughts and prayers. I go for my first "baby maker" appointment with my ob exactly a week from today. I have no idea what he will tell me or what's going to happen but I think of you ladies alot (especially Pray and CEB) and I was hoping to get lots of thoughts, prayers, and baby dust that this dont take too long......Im already getting the feeling that DH may be changing his mind......He's starting to try to distance himself from the idea.....Idk....only time will tell........................thanks alot ladies!!

    CEB85 responded:
    Hi amy7878,

    I just thought I'd let you know how my OB appointment went when we started. It was really easy. At that time they didn't know I had PCOS so they did blood and u/s. Since you already know you have PCOS is should be fairly simple.
    Odd are they'll give you clomid. I was told to try it for 6 months before going on to an RE. And that was pretty much it, very easy. A lot of women only need the clomid. Praying it all goes well for you!
    amy7878 replied to CEB85's response:

    Thanks for tellin me about your "first" appointment went. I'm hoping that they give me clomid but i think because my cycles are so long that they might put me on bcp for awhile to try to get them to shrink a little bit........I tell you I have never been soo nervous for an appointment in my life lol. I know that he's going to tell me to lose weight and all the jive so i think im ready to hear whatever he has to say!!

    Thanks again hun!!
    prayforamiracle responded:
    I can definitely relate to how nervous you are. I still get that way every time. I'm glad you are taking the step to go. I have a huge regret of putting off going to the RE. My gyno and DH urged me, but I was so scared. Now I really regret it, because I lost maybe 1-2 years due to my nerves. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers, for some positive news.
    Prayforamiracle-Me(37)PCOS Dh(44)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN
    amy7878 replied to prayforamiracle's response:

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers hunny. I think of you and CEB all the time and I pray that you get that BFP that you are looking for. I understand the scared part.........I think I'm more scared that he will tell me that I cannot have kids and that will tear me apart but I will never know unless I try. That's my thought........the doctors have fair warned me that this might be a long road but I have responded quickly to random things (they put me on provera to kick start a cycle and I had one with the first round..a perfect (srry tmi moment) 7 day bleed cycle) so they said theres still hope. I believe that its never too late and that there is always hope!

    Keep believin Pray and it could and will happen for you. I know that it will!

    I'll keep you updated hun!!

    Thanks for responding hun!!
    amy7878 replied to amy7878's response:
    HI LADIES!!!

    Just thought I'd stop in rel quick while I had a second. Well, my appointment was this morning and you were right (as if I ever doubted you!) He put me on Clomid 50mg and I am also still to take the Metformin which I just realized is 500mg. I am insulin resistant and all that jazz. So as of right now we are just waiting on AF to show her bitchy little face so we can get this ball rolling..........OH! One question ladies!!! Have any of you ever had to take in your DHs semen? He wants to check my DHs motility and said that all I have to do is get a sample cup from the lab where I get my bloodwork done and have know.......into the cup and take it back to the lab within an hour. Have any of you ladies done this? If so when is the best time to do this? I thank you all for the constant thoughts and prayers! I think of you all everyday and I hope that we all get those BFPs!!!!!

    rooni134 replied to amy7878's response:
    RE wanted to check husband's sperm so we did it. there doesnt have to be a specific time of day. but a word of advice, our doctor kinda sprung it on us. when we first met her, she was like "since you are already here, why dont you give us your sperm". my husband was totally blind sided and not prepared. i am not sure how your husband is but my husband was very upset and embarrassed afterwards. so depending how your husband is, make sure he is prepared and knows what to expect. DH kept thinking that the nurses were laughing at him. ofcource they werent but he was so paranoid. good luck!
    FrenchBulldogMom replied to amy7878's response:
    We lived so far away from our clinic that my husband had to produce his sample in one of the little rooms!!! When our RE asked him if he needed a prescription for Viagra, he turned as red as a tomato!

    He was pretty embarassed and I even offered to go back into the little room with him but he said no. After he gave the sample and we left, he started describing the little room to me and making fun of the adult video that they had set up on this tiny tv!!! That made us both laugh and he felt better. Good thing, too, because he ended up having to give two more samples!!!
    Me 35, DH 36, TTC since 2009, IVF Oct 2011, BFP Twins!!! Due Date 7-18-2012!!!!
    amy7878 replied to rooni134's response:
    thank you soo much for telling me!!!!!!!!!! lol i told me DH when i got home and he wasnt too happy (all he kept saying was really? seriously? lol) but he said that he would do it! Im sorry but i think it is kinda funny that he would be that paranoid but hell if i was a guy and had to do it then i prolly would think the same thing!! thanks again hun!!

    amy7878 replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Wow lol I dont think my DH could do that in one of those little rooms lol..........all he'd be thinkin about is how many other guys were ever in that room and how nasty that made the room lol hes paranoid like that............I couldnt imagine bein asked if i needed something like that!!!!!!! thas just crazy! lol then again my DH would prolly say yes................hes weird like that too lol......i swear hes 34 and has the libido of an 18yr old lol......the only other thing is that the docs told us we couldnt BD for three days.............easy enough i think but we'll see!!!

    thanks for your thoughts and prayers and replys hun!!!

    how are the little bambinos progressing??

    rooni134 replied to amy7878's response:
    lol, i know i kept telling him that the nurses werent laughing at him he also said the "material" wasnt that good, and he wasnt able to do his "best" its a good thing your DH gets to do it at home.

    we laugh about it now, but he was not happy that day!
    CEB85 replied to amy7878's response:
    I'm glad the appointment went well for you. Did they give you provera? I never get AF without provera.
    As far as DH sperm sample yes we had to do this. It was a little frustrating because we were not given any instructions. We were not aware that we had to abstain for at least 2 days. That was strike one against us. Then, I hate to laugh but DH spilled the cup. He was too embarrassed to say anything when he took the sample in and when they ran the test it came back REALLY bad. They sent him to a urologist and he had to take in another sample. It was much better with slight motility issues but nothing bad. It cracks me up how traumatized our husbands can act to this stuff yet the things we go through is nothing compared to them lol.
    amy7878 replied to rooni134's response:
    lol im sorry but thats too funny lol id be laughin at him instead of the nurses!!!!!!!!!! lol i think my dh is happy about the fact that he gets to do it at home though i dont think hes happy with the idea at all lol
    amy7878 replied to CEB85's response:
    Hi Hun!

    He put me on provera back in Jan or Feb of last year. I took it every other month and i havent taken any since April of last year. My cycles started comin in on their own but they were infrequent......i have now timed them down to 78 days apart.

    Oh my lol yea that is kinda find things like that soooo embarassing!!! I think they fail to look at what we go through in the process of TTC and then finally with the birth (God willing).

    They crack me up lol.
    prayforamiracle replied to amy7878's response:
    Glad you have a productive appointment. I hope that the Clomid is the help you need to conceive. Keep us posted!

    Yes, my poor DH has done the collections many times. A few from home and several times in the horrible little room. We had two IUIs and he had to submit his collection on site for those as well. The ones at the office are very difficult for him and there have been times that he almost gave up. They are very stressful when they are done at the office. Hopefully, he will have good results.
    Prayforamiracle-Me(37)PCOS Dh(44)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin. 1st IUI 1/12=BFN, 2nd IUI 2/12=BFN

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