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    The Desperate Diabetic
    danielle814 posted:
    I was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 22. I am 25 now and struggling with my weight immensly. My blood sugars are fantastic as well as my diet. I currently take Humalog, Symlin, and Lantus. I have been trying to work out more frequently and have tried to repeatedly in the past only to sink into a defeated depression. I told my self starting out this time that i wouldnt quit. No matter what. I have been doing tons of research, talking to doctors and nurses, personal trainers, but now i think its just time to go straight to our little community. I have been a fit active person my whole life, except the last 2-3 years. I'm sure everyone knows the emotional roller coaster that comes with Type 1. I am wondering if there is anyone who is peak physical condition on here that has also had the awful experience of being very overweight while diabetic and also lost all of the weight and gotten fit. I am about 70 pounds over weight and have never been this big in my life, try as I may it just doesnt want to come off... if I lift weights to build muscle I get drastic high blood sugars. I have tried taking insulin with a snakc before working out and without a snack have gotten high readings everytime, I have switched to yoga to try and build muscle some how and my insulin intake with meals is very low. I have decided not to go back to lifting weights, but does ANYONE have any advice or tips for losing weight? I dont know how much longer I can take being or feeling like this. My diet is great so I'm lost
    mrscora01 responded:
    Hi Frazzled/Danielle. I did have to lose a lot of weight at one point, but was not as physically active as you and also found that simply by limiting my eating I lost some. My issues were different than yours though.

    If you don't mind my asking, how much insulin are you taking? There is something called "double diabetes". It is a T1, who also has insulin resistence which is characteristic of T2. I know of a few type 1s who were able to take less insulin and lose weight by being given metformin. Do you see an endo? Maybe you could discuss this. Part of your weight issues might be the insulin resistance and it becomes a vicious circle - each causing the other.

    I hope this helps a bit. Best of luck.

    danielle814 replied to mrscora01's response:
    this is actually new information that may be very helpful! because I take symlin to help with insulin resistance and I'm down to taking about 10- 15 units of humalog with help from my diet and symlin. I will speak to my endocrinologist and see if what he thinks. so your friend is a type 1 with resistance and they use metformin? last year I had one of those denial moments because I was struggling so bad with this that I made them do blood work again to make absolute sure I was a T1 because I have heard great things about beyetta for weightloss and blood sugar control and the blood work came back the same... T1 but they said I couldn't go on metformin or beyetta because of the simple fact that I am type 1 but I would love more info about what your saying
    mrscora01 replied to danielle814's response:
    For some scholarly articles, you can simply google "metformin for type 1 diabetes". There is a mixed bag as they worry about dka and lactic acidosis (rare) in combination.

    If you check out dLife, or Diabetes Daily you will find someone named Richard who has had type 1 for almost 70 years and is a type 1 on metformin. It's worked quite well for him helping him with control and weight loss.


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