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    Type 1 and CANNOT lose this weight.
    araorun27 posted:
    hi all, i'm new to this forum and i have a really serious question even my PCP blew off when i asked him last week. i have type 1, was diagnosed 2010. (i'm 32). i was 111 pounds when diagnosed... ac1 of 15.5.

    since then, i've had a child, but three months after he was born i was back to 142 pounds. but in the past year, my weight has skyrocketed from 130ish Dec 2012 to 188 last week. i have cut out most extra fats; i cook at home a lot, low-fat options (i even forced myself to use 1% milk), and plus, i don't eat much at a time anyway. my sugars are good, not too high. they have actually been bottoming out more often, which my dr said was maybe a reason i can't lose weight, but didn't really explain why. i don't have a set exercise routine, but in any givven week i do yoga, walk, sometimes slow jog, stretch, etc. the city in which i live doesn't have a community center, but a nearby town has one and i can begin to use their workout place, which i would love to. but i work nearly 50 hours a week and the exercise part is hard. but, i don't feel like iv'e gained this weight. i still fit into the same clothes i do when i last saw my PCP in October, when I weighed in the 160s.

    does anyone have any input?? i'm desperate to lose weight, i'll go to the gym 20 miles away, it's free, i'll keep eating right, i drink tons of water, but .... why am i gaining??
    mrscora01 responded:
    I have seen more and more stuff about diabetics being able to lose weight better by doing a higher fat, lower carb diet and maintaining good control. I was never extreme - I did about 100 g of carb per day and didn't concern myself with fat. I had good chl numbers and everything seemed to be ok. I would look into some lchf (low carb, high fat) info but find what works for y ou best. I have read Dr. Bernstein's diabetes solution but could never be that radical. But it is a good starting place. \

    When I gained a lot of weight after my kidney transplant (due to eating indulgences) I did manage to take wieght off by cutting carbs.

    Best of luck.

    An_255687 responded:
    I have type 2 diabetes, and my last a1c level was 8.2, and I to was having trouble losing weight, but there was a big reason. My thyroid. According to the test, I barely had any thyroid function at all. I am on medication and will be for the rest of my life, but it took almost 2 years to get it under control with the meds and now it has finally reached a normal level and I am now starting to lose the weight. This might not be what is causing your problem , but if they haven't checked your thyroid, have them do that.

    Good Luck, and I hope you find out what is causing your weight problem.
    hollytennis responded:
    Has your thyroid function been tested lately? It's sort of a cliche, however, low thyroid hormones can cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight.
    udenbella849mos responded:
    Hi .. sorry to hear this & I know how frustrating it is ... a lot of diabetic medications cause weight gain which is just ridiculous if u ask me ... know others who were runners & diagnosed diabetic 1 ... they started on insulin & gained 70lbs w/out any changes in their life style .... so ... I am one of those people who have side effects 2 almost all medications ... hate it ... super sensitive & can not take a lot of vitamins or herbs also ... I am diabetic 2 ... hate it ... diabetes is a horrible thing to have if u ask me ... amazing how many medications are out there that can cause u to get diabetes ... u will have to find ur nitch ... I like mrscora01's message ... good luck ....
    araorun27 replied to mrscora01's response:
    thanks, i think that might have been what my doc SORT of said, but I do pretty low carbs now--not perfect, mayb a little more than 100 a day, but i'm working my way down from a horrible appetite/eating habits. i'll look up stuff about low-fat, high carb. thanks!
    araorun27 replied to hollytennis's response:
    nope, thyroid fine as of last check, which was two or three weeks ago.

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