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    feelinghigh posted:
    Where is everyone??? This exchange is very quite. Don't you think WebMD should to put a Type I Exchange link on the front page where it's easier for everyone to see it? I find it's hard for people to find us.
    arealgijoe responded:
    IMO...WebMD all but KILLED the golden goose...EndOfStory.

    They wanted to make more ad money, they can for a time use OLD hits figures to make a few more bucks, but it will eventually catch up to them.

    The web pages fail to load more often than before, an old problem made MUCH WORSE. It's HARD to READ the tiny text, harder to follow, despite the propaganda otherwise. Even the NAME change from "support" to "exchanges" speaks volumes.

    For is GREAT, easy to sue/user friendly, great people and you will find TONS MORE info and support there.

    For Multiple Sclerosis I go mostly to A great person to person SUPPORT site.

    These 2 site look and function very different from WebMD and from each other, but NEITHER are as user UNfriendly, both easy to read/ and use and BOTH have a bunch of great people on them.

    There was an old saying, if it aint broke don't fix it, well as far as I am concerned, and you can see it everywhere I go on, or used to go on WebMD, they took a slightly flawed site and as far many former friend on here, THEY BROKE it.

    I see a lot of sloppy puter programming these days, much of it would have not be tollerated in my data processing days, and I was in Teleprocessing support. If I were in charge, I would ahve FIRED the whole gang that could not THINK here in very short order. Alas I am just one tiny voice, its NOT my site, they own it and can do whatever they wish including self-destruct at will.

    Bottome line for me is, it WAS GOOD while it lasted due to the PEOPLE on here. Now that most ahve been chased away....well you get the idea.

    feelinghigh replied to arealgijoe's response:
    Yes JD, TuDiabetes is a great site! Children with Diabetes is also a great site. I go there often because there seems to be a bigger "audience" so to speak. WebMD doesn't have very many people with Type I but, I can't seem to leave it because I feel like I have friends here.

    I agree with you that changing this site killed it. There are lots of people that used to be on here isn't anymore. I personnally like the change but, that's just my opinion.

    Well JD, I hope if you decide to leave that you will at lease drop by to say hello sometimes just so we'll know your ok!
    MrsCora01 replied to feelinghigh's response:
    If you want a great site with a lot of T1s (just a ton in fact) then is the place for you. There are a ton of really knowledgeable people and it is a very busy site. Also extremely easy to read and little or no "drama".

    I'm glad you started this exchange, but you are right, it is harder to find. I had hopes for my kidney/diabetes exchange. There is some traffic, but not a lot. Oh well.

    I'll still stick around though, don't worry.

    feelinghigh replied to MrsCora01's response:
    I heard of but, I never went to their site. I'm going to check it out.

    I think it was dgarner that started this exchange??? Not me! :)
    I wouldn't know where to begin! :)

    I believe the kidney/diabetes exchange might be slow because there aren't many at that stage yet of having kidney problems. Just my opinion.

    By the way Cora, you are one of the reasons I stick around on this board. I've come to trust your knowledge and suggestions. Thanks for sticking around!
    dgarner11 responded:
    sorry, Ive been working and doing stuff with the family etc.
    I think the type 1 board has always been sort of quiet.

    I think with the new format its really hard for people not familiar with web md or the internet to find anything now. Half of the list of exchanges are people who are just trying to post a question and have inadvertently created an exchange.

    Someone should be on top of those and deleting as necessary so people can find actual exchanges.
    arealgijoe replied to feelinghigh's response:
    I SECOND your comment about still being around due to CORA.........

    Cora was a life saver back in 07 when I changed insulins. They ahd me on far too much insulin, assumed I was a T2. I jsut recently read in some old records I requested, they DID ahve me listed as TYPE-1 until someone CHANGED my record for no/unknow reason.

    I am not a typical T1 but not the usual T2 either. After being totally shut down I have regained SOMElimited function (again). My mode can flip flop over night, sometimes for a reason or no logical reason.

    I'm doing good, my diabetes is in great control, but the MS (multiple sclerosis) has limited my mobility some. I now use a power-chair part-time at home and have a power scotter for travel.I go back to see the neuro next month and start with the MS clinic about the end of May. maybe by then I will get to go on medicsations for the MS.

    The NEPH upped my norvasc last dec and doing better kidney functin wise. Not chasing stage 4 now, well up into the stage 3 range and hope to stay there.

    MrsCora01 replied to arealgijoe's response:
    Thanks for the vote of confidence guys!

    1984_T1 responded:
    Have you tried ? It's a site dedicated to Type 1 audience. Hope that helps!
    feelinghigh replied to 1984_T1's response:
    Yes, I've tried that site, also. It's a good site. I'm already a member of too many sites though. It's too much for me to keep track of.

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