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    back in form
    dgarner11 posted:
    So I dont know if anyone checks this board at all.

    My finger is healing nicely and I am able to type again, woo hoo!!
    Unfortunately from being off work and not being as active as normal I have developed back pain and sciatica, trying to work that out with stretches and getting moving.

    I'm hoping we can try to get more type 1 diabetics over here from the other board. I find that no matter what you post over there people are defensive and argumentative and it is most likely scaring people away.

    Anyway, hope everyone is doing well :)
    MrsCora01 responded:
    I agree 100%. I find the other board troublesome, especially since some of the posters don't even acknowledge the existence of T1 when they start suggesting that insulin is poison. I'll try to post more often again, as I've been avoiding the "T2" board lately.

    I'm really glad that your hand is doing better. Sorry, but I've forgotten, what was going on? I have always been glad that I heal well. It drives the docs nuts who keep predicting that I won't. LOL

    Take care.

    dgarner11 responded:
    thanks Cora

    I had surgery to remove an enchondroma from my finger. they took a piece of bone from my wrist to put in place of what they removed.

    My incisions are healing slowly probably compared to a non-diabetic, but I was worried about complications and so far all looks good.

    As far as activity, we can post all we want but there's not much to talk about lol. I would hope that people newly diagnosed with type 1 would be able to find this and ask questions. And not be told that the insulin thats keeping them alive is poison ;)

    Ive decided that type 1 diabetes needs a new name so we can be set apart from the controversy...I found this online
    MrsCora01 replied to dgarner11's response:
    That's hilarious! Post it on the T2 board. I think people will appreciate it. Was it you that mentioned once that we should simple be renamed "the bad kind"?

    feelinghigh replied to MrsCora01's response:
    That was me Cora! haha

    People around me call Type I the "bad kind". LOL

    I get a chuckle whenever I hear them say that but, even though they don't know much about diabetes, they at lease know there's a Type I diabetes.
    feelinghigh replied to dgarner11's response:
    Hmmm...makes me glad I'm not a type 2. Can you just hear people going around saying I have "number 2". haha Too funny!
    dgarner11 replied to feelinghigh's response:
    yeah I dont think it was me but I like it too lol

    the bad kind. I'm pretty sure both are bad, I just wish the media would acknowledge there are different types...

    here was an article run the other day about how by 2017 there will be some absurd number of Canadians with diabetes.. blah blah blah. no where in any article on this story on every news website I saw it on did any of them mention type 1 or type 2.

    So when I tell people Ive been diabetic since I was 12 they go "oh" and give me a weird look.

    So yeah from now on I'll tell them I wear this insulin pump because I have CRAP lol
    dgarner11 replied to dgarner11's response:
    I found one of the articles
    MrsCora01 replied to dgarner11's response:
    What I found interesting was a news report (I'll look for it) was a new proposal by the part of Health Canada to encourage Canadians to lose just a couple of pounds. Apparently if we were to lose 4 to 6 pounds per person, it would drop the risks of getting diabetes by something like 10%. Just a small amount of effort for a large payoff.

    I just found the video and the researcher said that by reducing weight by 3% would decrease the risk by over 10%. Link is here
    arealgijoe replied to MrsCora01's response:
    Hi Cora and gang.......

    Just killing time brousing, actually got into WebMD tonite, wonder of wonders. CRAP..I thought being a sorta orphan diabetic was BAD.....I have been on a CRAB for my MS now a little over a month....CRAB, stands for Copazone, Rebif, Avonex and Betaseron, the main options of DMDs (desease modifying drug) for MS.

    What about AID, or AD for autoimune Diabetes?

    Weight.. I have had times I had to take more insulin when my weight was down and less when it was up a little......So weight does not ALWAYS equate to weight for me...

    GOMER (*v*( sez Goo Nite all
    MrsCora01 replied to arealgijoe's response:
    HI Gomer.

    Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I had problems logging on again. How have you been? Have you new meds affected your glucose at all? Hope everything is stable and that you are feeling well.


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