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    paleryder444 posted:

    For about two Years I am having issues. Pain in the groin (feels like deep pain)..and numbness around the head of penis. NO discharge. No BLood. No bladder stones. No current (although I have had in the past) kidney stones. Sonogram of kidneys clean...examination of penis showed nothing. I had a micitration study complete (filled bladder through catheter) and that didnt reveal any MAJOR issue. My prostate PSA level is always normal. Ecamination of prostate only slightly enlarged. Says same on sonogram. I do NOT know what is wrong.
    Here are some factors that may help a diagnosis--I had kidney stones TWICE in 2008 and 2010..Once because I was prescribed a Neuro type drug for migraines...that set off a bad kidney stone production. Again when I was prescribed LYRICA it caused (still does even though I dont take it) Leg swelling in one leg and Kidney stones. I am OFF those drugs..and on meds to prevent stones.
    I DID have to have kidney stone surgery TWICE with a stent inserted surgically and thne removed. a YEAR ago I stopped urination altogether for UNKNOWN reason. Went to ER>.. they stuck a CATH in me and said see Urologist ASAP. he pulled out cath and said..If you cant urinate we will admit. I urinated. He sent me home. Cause of inability to urinate NEVER found. I was on VANCOMYCIN for 2 weeks.
    Previous unfortunate meds given to me for kidney stones and UTI in recent years include multi treatments with CIPROFLOXIN and previous LEVAQUIN (2 or three times). I understand LEVAQUIN can cause major issues..such as periphereal nerve damage. I am UNSURE if the penis numbness, groin pain is from Levaquin, Kidney stone damage (residual scarring) CATHeters stuck inside me (also residual scarring). etc. The amount of SEMEN I can produce now is only 50% of what it was 4 years ago .I am 55. I noticed a major decline in semen and ABILITY to ejaculate. I can get an erection wiothout Viagra..but ejaculation is difficult (Sometimes cant) and amount is quite small. AGAIN-I spoke to doctor--he didnt have any solution.
    I have in the past hasd THREE different inguinal hernia repairs. That caused nerve pain for year and was treated with injuections but I was NOT numb after those injections and it didnt effect erection or ejaculation.
    I DO have Low Test. but I am treated successfully (so says my blood work for T levels) with AXIRON .
    I am at a loss. I went over my list of meds--doctors found nothing t ocause penis numbness , groin pain,s emen reduction. I was for YEARS treated with STEROID injections for neck and back pain. Those caused CATARACTS in BOTH eyes which needs removal but again..those injections were done over a 10 year period. This loss of sensation and pain is more or less within the last two years. I would liek to have a healthy sex life again..but if my groin remains in pain and I cant ejaculate that is not going to happen. I WAS examined by two urologists for a NEW hernia and they didnt find anything that needs surgery. (Besides the last surgeon screwed up by placing a LARGE mesh across the entire left. AND right side of groin which makes a new laproscopic entry IMPOSSIBLE for a small hernia.
    Since this involves BOTH a reduced semen output , difficulty in ejaculation even with a strong erection and random numbness in penis and groin I am CONCERNED. ALL Blood work PSA/ tumor markers, urine tests..ALL clean for possible cancer. NO discolorations. Normal color urine. Creatinine close to normal. NO discharge anywhere. THERE IS SOME PAIN IN RIGHT TESTICLE. It appeared on palpation to NOT have any lumps otr reason to suspect cancer. No discoloration. No blood in urine ever.(except with kidney stone)I HAVE had multi caths...Kidney stones..surgeries..hernia surgeries...nerve blocks...urological studies..a Cytoscopy (nothing major but a restricted bladder told when I cant urinate at all they will TURP. IDEA ON CAUSE OF MY NUMBNESS/INABIL TO EJAC

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