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    Help - Scrotum too Tight and Testicles don't hang anymore
    An_242205 posted:
    I'm hoping someone here can help me, as I'm very concerned over this, despite I have been told not to worry. I'm also a very depressed person and this is absolutely killing me here.

    For the past 3months, I noticed that my scrotum is extremely tight and testicles and penis is much smaller. Last night, I actually got quite scared because it got so tight, that the testicles were actually inside. I had to testicles! This has never happened to me before and I'm sure you can understand why I'm so concerned and why that completely freaked me out.

    I did visit a Urologist. On first visit, he wasn't concerned and gave me a cycle of Clomid. That did absolutely nothing. On the second visit, I told him that didn't work and he prescribed a muscle relaxant. That also did absolutely nothing. In fact, all it did was get me extremely tired and I was knocked out a couple of times and went to work late as a result. Again, he remained unconcerned.

    Today, I went in an emergency because last night, the testicles remained inside for most of the night. The funny thing is, whenever I go to him for a visit, the testicles hang pretty normal. It is frustrating, as I now think he may think I'm just overreacting. That is simply not the case. So, he examined me again quite thoroughly and yet again, told me there is absolutely nothing wrong and it should go away and be fine. He said that many men have testicles that remain inside the body and all is fine. I completely cannot accept that! I must get this fixed. So, after he told me all this, he prescribed yet another muscle relaxant, this one of which is much more potent. I'd hate to take that crap, considering how sleepy the first one got me.

    I'm in a bind here. I'm completely clueless as to why this started happening. I've spend nights online researching this and can't really come up with any solution. It is driving me crazy and is all I think about all day and too worried about it. I just can't have this happening.

    What do you guys think? Any advice? Should I go to another Urologist or should I now go to a Endo doc?

    There must be a reason this is happening but both my Urologist or myself can't seem to figure it out. For the record, this has absolutely nothing to do with the cold, as everything I find online suggest. They remain this tight all the time and very rarely do they hang low anymore.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    counterso responded:
    Your urologist is right. You are obsessing. And there's nothing "wrong" just different. It's not a medical problem and it's not causing harm.
    An_242205 replied to counterso's response:
    Thank you for the reply.

    However, I do not believe that is correct. I never had this problem before. Why has it started? Something has changed.

    I've never had my testicles shrink this small and even go inside me. That is just something that has never happened. On top of that, I have extremely low libido and I don't have any interest at all in sex. I just lost that as well.

    I've taken many blood tests and it is not testosterone that is the problem either.

    Anyone have any thoughts?


    counterso replied to An_242205's response:
    Again, you're perceiving it as a problem, not simply as a change. There are many reasons your libido could change, most of them have to do with the amount of rest you get.

    If you don't trust your doctor's opinion, there is nothing we can say that will be more correct.

    Unless your scrotum's tightness is causing you pain, or preventing you from having children because it has raised the temperature of your testes, this is NOT a problem. You are only perceiving it as undesirable.

    Your libido is an entirely separate issue. One of the top 10 complaints of any visit to a urologist is "my penis is shrinking," and since that's (very nearly) impossible, the urologist discards the patient's assessment and has to ask a lot of other questions. The first questions, since we can't see you, are, how old are you, height/weight, medications, overall health, level of stress, sleeping habits, recent life changes or family changes, and so on.
    rockybashful responded:
    Try an alpha1 blocker
    counterso responded:
    There is nothing to be concerned about. I agree with your urologist. See a psychiatrist if you want to see a doctor. You're imagining this is a problem. While you are right to notice that something has changed, what has changed is NOT symptomatic of any negative medical condition. There's nothing "wrong" with you, just different. Get over it.
    bananaman responded:
    The problem is likely to run deeper than you think. I have had a similar problem myself along with a myriad of additional symptoms. There are a few likely causes the difficulty is pinpointing what that problem is; Western medicine views that if the problem is not causing any problems with function than they are unlikely to investigate. Further blood tests may not actually reveal abnormalities as has been in my instance. Possible causes can relate to thyroid issues, low blood sugar (possibly regulate this with food) your not crazy
    counterso replied to bananaman's response:
    That's correct, western medicine would not see this as a problem, whether you like it personally or not. If you want further investigation, it will be difficult to extract from a western doctor since they're trained to diagnose not investigate.
    dazza responded:
    had same prob mate,epsom salts ,in hot bath,watch um hang mate
    dazza responded:
    low magnesium levels,lots of magnesium in epsom salts
    counterso replied to dazza's response:
    Magnesium does not contribute to the tightness of the scrotum. The tightness of this skin is not a cramp, which is what sometimes happens when there is a magnesium deficiency. A hot bath is probably all that was needed, not necessarily with epsom salts. Regardless, the hot water may not be sufficient for some people.

    It's still not a health concern, unless it has affected your fertility from raised temperature of the scrotum, or if it is painful. Otherwise, it's just different, not necessarily "wrong."
    pleasehang89 responded:
    please please please tell me if this problem went away, Im experiencing the same issue and its not going away. @ all. at allllllllllllllllllllllll & Idk how to fix it or make them more relaxed. has anything worked for you as of yet???
    counterso replied to pleasehang89's response:
    There's nothing to "fix" because nothing is "broken." It may be different than what you expect or want, but that does not make it bad or wrong. Relax yourself first and stop worrying about the appearance of your scrotum.
    excalibur09 responded:

    Been through all the things you have mentioned above. My visit to the urologist was 5 years ago and he rushed me out saying that I am imagining things. First of all, let me tell you that there is a real problem. The scrotum retraction will not be severe or this protracted if it were solely mental. The hypochondria will add to the shrinkage (a normal response in any tense situation). You need to intercept this problem before it becomes a chronic feedback loop where the physical problem is fed by contant anxiety and you walk around with sucked in balls 24x7.

    I am not a doctor and clearly don't know anything about your case history but I can suggest some safe solutions that you can try. I've been through something that is very similar to yours. Post more if you have other problems along with this, besides low libido.

    1. This is usually a muscular issue that involves the muscles in the pelvis, prostate, testicles (dartos and cremaster) that have gone into a 'cramped' state. It can be brought on by various modes, some of them being injury, surgery, venereal disease. It is exacerbated by anxiety.

    2. The solution can be as simple as regular hot sitz baths (twice a day for about 15 minutes). These will bring you temporary relief to begin with. Regular practise can stop the problem in its tracks. The water has to be hot, as much as you can tolerate. Sit in a plastic tub filled with hot water if you don't have a regular bath tub. With sitz baths you can get your 'hang' back in your testicles and penis. Make sure to soak your perineum in the water not just the testicles. Perineum is the area between the anus and the testicles. Try it for a week to 10 days.

    3 Do you have urination and ejaculation problems such as thin stream, scant urine, split streams and pain while ejaculation? If so, your prostate might be affected as well. Get prescribed an alpha blocker from your urologist. That is the least he can do. Alfuzosins usually work well for me. However, this is for your doctor to prescribe.

    4. Yoga and pelvis stretches are very important. If you get better with sitz baths, please read Amy stein's book 'Heal Pelvis Pain'....but do this later.

    5. I can bet that you take your symptoms to just about any urologist in the world, 95 percent of them will be clueless. I have seen too many of them to belive otherwise - more than a dozen. Whenever they are confronted with something beyond their scope of understanding they will pull out the 'it's all in your head' card. Pathetic, but that's how it goes.

    6. Finally go to a website called See the posts, try to relate them to your problem and figure out a path. There are many people with very similar issues.

    Lastly do not listen to people like counterso below. I went through dozens of medical professionals that said there was nothing wrong with me. I was tested over the years and always came up with results that were in the best part of the normal range. Yet my balls were one third their normal size and my penis was as big as when I was 8 years old....I had urination probelms and serious erection difficulties (compounded by the shrunk penis).
    No...that is not 'normal' whether science recognises it or not.

    PM or post here if you want to discuss more.
    counterso responded:
    The reason that the urologist is unconcerned is because this is NOT A MEDICAL PROBLEM. Yes, it's a change for you, but that does not mean it's wrong, bad, or dangerous. Unless you were trying to have children and it was causing a fertility issue due to the temperature change of your scrotum, it's NOT a medical issue.
    Yes, you are worrying way too much about it, and instead of a muscle relaxant, perhaps do something to combat anxiety?
    Your body changes for hundreds of reasons. Environment, stress, age, etcetera. You can't expect it to be the same your whole life or even month to month. And while you may not like a freckle or a tight scrotum, unless it's causing physical pain, no doctor is legitimately going to consider doing much about it since it's in no way affecting your actual health.
    Your stress about it is self-generated. Unfortunate, but not a medical problem.
    I'm disappointed that the doctor gave you any prescriptions at all.
    No urologist is going to believe that your genitals are shrinking. First of all, because it doesn't happen. While the external appearance may change because of weight gain or temperature or muscle tension, the flaccid state is not a legitimate measure. Urologists list "my penis is shrinking" as one of the top 10 imagined complaints they hate to hear.

    Yes, something changed to cause your scrotum to be tight. Is it a medical problem? No. Does anyone know why? No. Is there a "cure?" No. Should you stop worrying? Yes, unless it's currently interfering with your attempts to have children.

    I'm sorry that it bothers you, but that's all there is to it.

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