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    hydrocele after vasectomy?
    zinbad posted:
    last november 2011 i had a vasectomy. both my testicles were normal prior to the surgery. after most of the swelling went away my left testicle was larger than my right and was not hanging loose and free in the scrotum like my right testicle. it was firm and kind of stiff and stayed up high in the sac. my urologist looked at it and wasn't concerned but did an ultrasound anyway. the results he said showed fluid around my left testicle. he said it might slowly go away or it may never go away. i guess it is a hydrocele. did i just have bad luck or could something i did or my doctor did cause this? it is basically painless but sometimes has that swollen feel and does not feel natural. sex is fine. its been almost 5 months since the surgery. i want to be back to normal. can someone tell me what options i have? i am not looking to sue my doctor, he has a good 30 year reputation. has this happened to anyone else? is this common after a vasectomy?
    counterso responded:
    A hydrocele can occur at any time without specific cause. Obviously surgery is traumatic to the area and one could be assumed to be suspiciously connected to recent surgery, although it's not an anticipated consequence. Your urologist is probably not concerned because a hydrocele is rarely treated unless it becomes painful or severely enlarged for the simple fact that surgery in your groin area comes with many undesirable risks, and to surgically correct a hydrocele or any other condition that is not NECESSARY is always avoided.

    Surgery is not natural, so there are always potential undesired changes in your body afterwards. What you consider "normal" isn't necessarily the same as what your doctor considers "normal" so you have to make your own judgement about what you're willing to do when contrasted with risks. It's not about your urologist's reputation, it's about your body. You have to decide what you're prepared to live with or pursue.

    Options? You'll have to discuss those with your doctor, because he's the only one who has seen the ultrasound and knows what happened during surgery and has examined you.
    Lee_Jack replied to counterso's response:
    I'm glad I found this discussion today. I am 56 and developed a (right) hydrocele about 7 or 8 months ago. No memory of a specific injury to blame for it. About 6 weeks ago I finally went to my primary doc who diagnosed it, and sent me for ultrasound and a urology consult. Both doctors say I "should have it taken care of" and that there is no underlying problem with the testical. It is 8 to 9 cm in diameter (baseball to softball size) and very firm. It doesn't seem to be growing, except that firmness (fluid?) seems to be ascending along the spermatic cord up into my groin a bit. Lately my right foot is swelling which I've never had before, so I'm wondering if lymphatic drainage from my leg is being blocked. There's no pain, no urinary or sexual problems and I am NOT anxious to have surgery. I'll probably just wait and see if it grows in the months ahead or if my foot swelling worsens.
    counterso replied to Lee_Jack's response:
    At that size it is considered an encumberance and should be addressed with surgery. There is a very big difference (literally) between a small swelling the size of a bean and something the size of a baseball. You need to take care of this because even though it may not be painful, it is causing damage to other soft tissue by the amount of pressure it is exerting at that size. That is has become easily visible is a sign it has gone way too long without being properly addressed. Please schedule your surgery with a urologist promptly.

    It is unlikely related to your foot swelling.
    Lee_Jack replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks for your perspective. It sounds worse than it actually looks or feels. I saw a couple surgeries on youtube that are frankly very disturbing. I'd like to try a drainage once just to see how long it might hold before recurring. Neither doc I've seen wants to do that, however. I expect I'll have to have the surgery eventually.
    AceofTexas responded:
    I had a problem like this after my vas. didn't last as long. My doc had me on an anti inflamitory and it did the trick (unfortunatly testicular cancer got me 5 years later, no relation) Best of luck with it.

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