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    Very Sharp needle like pain on tip of penis.
    An_248333 posted:
    Hi there, I'm a 21 year old male. Im going to try give as much detail as i can for a second opnion. So Sometimes after when i masturbate (3-4 times a week) i get a burning senstion on the tip of my penis which, usually goes away after urinating few times after and the next days its fine, But not this time.

    Two weeks ago After masturbating, there was a sharp pain when i was ejaculating on the tip. Since then i have had this constant mild burning sensation / discomfort through out the day, for five days now. The Burning senesation is there when i urinate and it feels like something is there at the tip, like a needle trying to pass through or blocked needle or somthing. Its a horriable feeling. Its also impossiable for me to musterbate now becuase when i am about to ejaculate the sharp pain returns and cannot continue.

    A Week Later, after i urinated, there was some discharge of semen blood at the end. After that cleared, 20 mins later i noticed there was still some blood inside or it was bleeding from the inside which had to come out. so after urninating a few times, the blood cleared up and the constant burning sensation reduced slightly. I have had no blood since then.

    I went straight to Emergency Doctor, Done a urine and i was told there was no infection. Doctor was confused and not sure what it was and ended up telling me that it was all mechanical, torn tissue or blockage due to masturbating.

    To this day i still have the sharp pain while urinating and its the same feeling of a needle trying to pass through and the pain is usually worse if more pressure is applied when urinateing. It now also feel like somthing blocking the tip so its creating two sperate streams of urine passing. Doctor said it was not an infection but im concernd as to why it is making want to urinate frequently. Does it take long for a torn tissue to heal?, Are the symptoms to a torn tissue simlar to an infection?

    Please Help Me.

    - Thank you
    counterso responded:
    The ER doctor knows about as much about penises as you do about underwater basket weaving.

    It's time to see a urologist. I could be wrong, but I suspect what's going on is that there is a small skin flap somewhere inside your urethra and that when you masturbate, you're pulling your penis in a way that creates a small tear of this skin flap, which then results in sharp pain. The location of the pain is NOT an indication of where the flap may be, as internal pain (which is always severe) can easily be misinterpreted by the brain giving a false location.

    Any sharp pain like that can trigger other false nerve sensations like the one that creates an urgency to urinate.

    If this is the issue, the same skin flap may become irritated by the passing of fluid (urine/semen) as it may fill up like wind rushing into a parachute, and again pull or tear at the edges as it resists the fluid flow.

    Regardless of whether my guess is correct or not, the first thing to do is to stop masturbating until the pain has been gone for a whole week. You're only aggravating the issue if you do not allow the urethra to completely heal.

    It's unclear whether there will be anything else to do other than to be much more gentle when you masturbate. A penis is a delicate organ, although most men do not treat it that way. A urologist may or may not be able to find a skin flap with an endoscopy. And even if he does, it may only answer the question, not necessarily provide a solution. It may be something that eventually just stops being a problem on its own after it heals.
    An_248333 replied to counterso's response:
    Thank you for your reply. I haven't masturbated or tried masturbating since I saw blood after I urinated (week an a half ago) I guess the blood has shocked and scared me a little, especially when seeing it for the first time in my life, but I haven't seen any blood since then, which is a good sign i hope.

    But I would agree with you 100% about the tear and everything else. i have to mention tho, the pain is almost sometimes severe in the mornings,

    i heard urine is more acidic in the mornings, could it be that its the acidity of the urine and pressure irritating the tear/cut more? Because there is less pain during the day, as I drink a lot of water and im guessing the acid level is lower which results in less pain?

    Also do the tear or cut take some time to heal?

    Thanks again for your reply.
    counterso replied to An_248333's response:
    If it is a skin tear it will probably take a couple weeks to feel normal again, all depending on how much irritation that occurs in the meantime, no unlike how your mouth heals when you accidentally bite your lip/cheek.

    I don't think the pH of your urine will contribute in any significant way. More likely you would find discomfort from pressure on your penis of you're sleeping on it (crush/twist/move).

    Blood can be scary. So long as it was only a few drops and hasn't occurred since, you're probably fine.
    An_259352 replied to counterso's response:
    Hi counterso

    I have the same problem i can see my skin flaps inside are slit. Painful to sit down how can I heal it and prevent it from coming again. Thanks
    counterso replied to An_259352's response:

    I do not have an answer for you. If you can see visible damage, please see a urologist immediately.
    seanhh responded:
    A lot of guys who damage their penis skin during masturbation use penis health cremes. These cremes are designed specifically for the penis and help with all sorts of skin issues down there. I am not positive it will work for you, but you should look into it for sure. Good luck.
    counterso replied to seanhh's response:

    There is no such thing as a "penis health" cream. Anyone who claims they are such a thing is lying, and is just passing off regular lotion/ointment as something more. Your penis in the sense of what a topical can do, is no different than any other skin.
    CRGenius replied to An_248333's response:
    Hey, did you find a solution to your problem because I am having the same one. Its getting to the point where its hard for me to urinate.

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