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    Penis Swollen - No Pain or No Functional problem
    An_249946 posted:
    When I started to pee yesterday, I found my Penis had a bulge at the starting point and in next 2 hours entire Penis got swelling and it is typically a ballon. This has no effect on urination or there is no pain. Due to this swelling, Penis is now bent. And felt a slight swelling in my lower stomach area where the penis starts.

    Consulted a local general physician and he gave me some anti-biotics and he asked me if had something unusual for food, then he said, the medicines will clean your stomach and swelling will go away. But now there is no swelling in my stomach area. Whole of my penis is now swollen and even in erect position, swelling remains. did masturbate on the same day morning (was not handling roughly, atleast its my own part of body) but the swelling happened only in the evening. Though I dont do masturbation regularly, my frequency is once in two weeks, sometime once a week.

    Am not touching or masturbating my penis until this swelling gets down. Please advise on how to get back to normal or it will get back to normal automatically. I have a habit of going to gym and building muscles and last week tried to contract and release abdomen muscles by just bending the upper body backwards and raising up without support.I felt little pain in the lowe abdomen that time.. Could that be an issue?
    counterso responded:
    Not sure what to tell you here. There are a number of things that could have happened and I think it is going to take running through several lists of questions to make sure the source of the issue is isolated. Unfortunately general practitioners know about as much about your genitals as they do about surf board repair, so anytime something is wrong with your penis, you should go straight to a urologist. I'd suggest doing that right now.
    An_249946 replied to counterso's response:
    yesterday I did gave my genital and its surroundings a ice bag treatment myself and the blood circulation made it evenly spread across my penis and became a fully balloon like appearance. The skin on the shaft (uncircumcised) closed the opening and felt hard to pee the same night. Next day morning (today) everything back to normal, no swelling, no pain or no evidence of what are all happened. Seems to be a miracle. I suspect the masturbation and physical exercise to the lower abdomen made this to me. Anyways thanks for your time and appreciate this forum.
    counterso replied to An_249946's response:
    It is not safe to use an ice pack in this area of your body. Be gentle with your body. It's very concerning that you had such dramatic swelling, and if it happens again, consider it an emergency and see a urologist immediately.

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