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    Penis Pain Internal
    An_251068 posted:
    Even typing this feels embarrassing to say..One day I masturbated in between the mattress of my bed usually holding the top mattress up a little bit except I carried away and more weight of the top mattress was on my erect penis. Right below the glan of the penis I experienced a sharp pain but then that was it. I didn't hear any pop or crackle sound that people mention online if they injure their penis. No problems after that initial sharp pain...Later on, probably days later, it started to hurt a little bit at times when I would pee like a little pressure or something. Not always though...
    Because a little discomfort would happen on and off again I didn't take much concern..Erections were not an issue either...Didn't feel pain or anything...

    Probably about 3 months since then, I started feeling pain in the same area...pain is like something is stretched or pulled..The pain occurs whether I am erect or not and it isn't enormously painful but most of the time I am aware of it. I would say it's like a 3 out of 10 pain. The pain doesn't really occur when peeing either...just there.

    I am a shy person and when it comes to new things, I get easily afraid so the idea of visiting an urologist seems scary to me..I've never been to one. I only have major medical (hospital) coverage but not for specialists or dr. visits so I wonder if seeing a urlogist is the right thing to do?

    I feel afraid that something terrible happened or that surgery will be suggested. Thoughts?

    Thank you all for reading this.
    austinlh responded:
    Just to clarify, the main concern is the fact I feel pain just below the glan of the penis area by a strained, pulled/stretched or pressure kind of pain by itself which has me concerned...Online I've seen people mention pain only when erect but mine is when it isn't erect or is...

    The peeing pain that I had was something not that bad and went away in a few only occurred at the very end of peeing like when you are getting the last few drops out but that went away.
    counterso replied to austinlh's response:
    You probably did an injury to your penis from rough handling. Mattress humping isn't uncommon, but as you noted, can be difficult to control, so you risk injury. Unfortunately, and damage that you did is likely only to be treatable immediately following the injury, so three months later, even if anything should have been done, it may be too late to do so.

    That said, a trip to the urologist, even on your own nickel, is probably a good idea, even if only for your peace of mind. The urologist will tell you what their standard office fee is in advance if you ask. And it's likely to be between $120-200 depending on what city you live in.

    A penile injury does not happen the same way for everyone, so hearing a noise is only one flag, not a requirement for hurting yourself. You could have torn a ligament or some soft tissue inside your penis and aside from some possible bruising, had not much more to see. It's likely going to be more evident as a sensation, meaning the subsequent pain you have felt.

    Unfortunately you should not be masturbating or having sex at all until after any such activity no longer has pain. Any physical stress on your penis while it is healing could cause further damage or scarring because you're partially re-injuring the damaged area. This is another reason that seeing the urologist early on is important, so you know what to do.

    I understand that YOU are shy, but your urologist has seen thousands of penises and couldn't care any less about what your hangups about yours, so is not there to embarrass or judge you. Their only job in life is to take care of penises, so you should feel like you're treating your penis well by going, not that you're exposing it to someone who worries about your behavior. Believe me, the urologist has heard or seen it all before, many times, and will not be surprised by anything you say. He just wants you to be well and have a happy penis.
    An_251068 replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks Counterso for your response. Despite my nervousness, I decided to go see a urologist. He felt the entire penis and said he could not feel any scarring or anything that would indicate obvious damage. On top of this, I can't tell if I got some curvature or not from my penis but maybe I did...

    I explained to him that the pain seemed to be less bad since it started to come up in the 20 days before since the 2-3 months when I got that sharp pain between the mattress/spring board.

    He said most of the time penis pain heals on it's own but it's possible that the pain could stay or not completely go away. He said in 6 weeks if I still feel like things aren't improving, that I can have him do a MRI Pelvic to see further. It seems that he doesn't think this is "serious" and could be minor tears from the incident. He said my description was very vague and no sympton I described really was pointing to something obvious. He didn't mention if I shouldn't masturbate or not but I think your right that I should leave that alone for awhile or minimal activity if I do..

    So, I'm partially relieved but in a sense nothing may change. I don't know...It just freaks me out that months since I got that pain which went away and then I started getting penile pain out of the blue...Maybe I was more rigorous masturbating that "flared" it up but I don't want to feel like I need to be worried I will be doing damage every time i am masturbating or have sex...i am still a virgin at this point...There is a girl I have been seeing and now I'm worried that sexual wise issues could come up ...
    counterso replied to An_251068's response:
    Just remember that the stereotypical image of your penis being hard as a rock is a fantasy. The penis is a delicate organ and not made of steel. It's not difficult to damage when handled roughly. And it was not designed for more than 20 minutes of moderate and specific physical activity, so things outside that scope of intended use must be done with consideration for it's unique nature.
    Treat your penis kindly because you only get one. Use lubrication when you masturbate, and try not to do anything too unusual where you risk an accident.
    An_251068 replied to counterso's response:
    So I noticed last night that I had a full on erection which caused some initial pain that ruined my whole night because it start to hurt like it had 20-30 days ago...I would describe it as flare up/achie..I got an initial piercing pain right when the erection started (like when the blood started to get in there expanding stuff, and then when fully erect the sharper pain dropped out as if the blood flow got all the way expanded and it went to achy and stayed that way when flaccid as well...This morning I took a hot bath and two advil full strength (took ibuprofen last night as well) and now, it's finally "calmed" down" pain wise.

    Are erections bad to have in my case or good to have to get blood flow and therefore healing? I don't really have a choice though but I'm wondering if it is hindering healing or not?
    counterso replied to An_251068's response:
    Well, a urologist could prescribe something that would prevent erections from occurring, however I don't think that's the solution, since they're going to happen almost daily for a large part of your life, even when you're unconscious. It sounds as though you may have had some healing going on which caused a scar tissue adhesion which was somewhat tenuous, and then tore under the pressure of erection and your movements in bed.
    It could be something else, but a sharp pain like that would be considered an emergency and time for an immediate follow-up visit with a urologist.
    I'm not sure what the outcome will be since it's your doctor who will examine you, but I'm sorry that you had this incident of recurring pain. If you did create another small tear from an adhesion, this is the time to see the doctor while it's fresh so if there's anything to do, it's done while the remedy can have an effect, not later after it's too late.
    Good luck.
    An_260939 replied to counterso's response:
    I'am facing a similar problem, I'd been masturbating for many years & i've injured my penis. The top part of the penis from inside created burning sensation when i urinate. It seems some tissues have been ruptured. Whenever soaps goes inside penis while taking bath top part of penis burns...
    I've reduced my masturbation to once a week. But the problem has not gone away...
    Is there a cure for this?
    counterso replied to An_260939's response:
    The "treatment" is to stop re-injuring your penis and let it heal. That means no sex or masturbation for several weeks until the area has fully healed and been pain-free for at least a week. To injure yourself in this way indicates you are way too rough in handling. You'll need to revise your technique.

    Soap should never be able to get inside your penis, even when soaking in a bathtub. That's a different structural issue that should be addressed with a visit to a urologist.

    No kind of penis pain is normal. It may be advisable to see a urologist to make sure the damage you have done is not problematic or that it will not lead to a permanent issue.
    seanhh responded:
    Sounds pretty weird. In my experience, strange pains down there usually stem from some sort of skin irritation. You might want to give a penis health creme a try. These are made just for guys who have injured their penis during masturbation or some other sex act. Just make sure to get one with Vitamin A, D and E... all are really good for the skin. Hope this helps and good luck.

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