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    Lump under shaft and swollen foreskin
    NeedHelp122 posted:
    Hello all,

    Short version:

    Lump on shaft that grew and popped after a hot bath, wont stop dripping blood slowly, been 18ish hours. Foreskin swollen. Need help until I can see the doctors.

    Complete detailed long version:

    Im a 26 year old uncut male. I've been suffering from tears on the tip of my foreskin for about 2 years now. I believe the frenulum has tightened as well. Cannot pull back during an erection. I can still stretch it and pull it back during a hot shower without tearing. So I clean it on regular basis. This might've been caused by sexually transmitted yeast infection from my partner. I hoped to let it heal on its own. We haven't had much intercourse except times where it felt like it healed but ripped during light foreplay (then we stopped completely.)

    However, recently, on the bottom of my shaft where it meets the scrotum, i had a small lump. I didn't think much of it so I clean it regularly with anti-bacterial body wash. However, after 2-3 days of having that small lump, it grew big. went from smaller than a pea size to about a 1inch to 1 1/2 inch lump. It caused a lot of pressure and was sensitive to the touch. It feels uncomfortable and stings a bit when there's friction when walking, getting up and down when sitting, etc.

    Yesterday, I noticed my foreskin starting to swell up. The thickness of my foreskin literally got 4-5x thicker than normal. So I researched a bit and couldn't find anything. Hoping to relieve the pain, I sat in a hot bath for about 30 minutes. When I was done, I noticed the lump was draining itself from what looks like a hair follicle. So I gently applied pressure to get the blood and small amount of puss out. Of course, it felt sore afterwards. When I woke up, I found that my penis has been slowly dripping blood all night. So I cleaned it up and left for work. I've been trying to clean it every few hours with water and drying it with a paper towel.

    However, the hole(wound) seemed to have gotten bigger and the blood hasn't stopped dripping and my foreskin looks a bit more swollen then yesterday.

    I'm going through a health insurance transfer and do not have access to a doctor right at the moment. Maybe sometime the following week is the earliest I can see the doctor.

    Any idea what it is? Or what I can do to stop the swelling/bleeding and keep it clean until I can see the doctor? Any help is MUCH appreciated and thank you for reading my long post.
    vikvaughn responded:
    the foreskin tearing and swelling sounds like balanitis. If it's been there 2 years it definitely won't go away on it's own. AFAIK, steroid cream and if that doesn't work, circumcision are the only remedies. And it is definitely something you want to bring to a urologists attention as there can be complications.
    counterso responded:
    I hope you went to the emergency room! There is no non-medical help for this one, you must see a doctor immediately. Insurance status does not matter.

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