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    Pain in penis after intercourse
    Okin2010 posted:
    Hi -

    Six days ago my wife and I were having intercourse and some of our positions were not your standard one's. At one point my penis was at an odd angle for about 10 minutes or so. Everything felt fine at the time, there was no discomfort during this.

    Two days after the intercourse my penis starting hurting. The disomfort is at the base of the penis, and it extends up the shaft about an inch and a half. It feels like there is a lump and a hard vein where the pain is. It's mainly on the top and sides of my penis, and also a little bit internal where the shaft goes in.

    There is no discoloration or swelling, everything appears normal. I've had the pain for six days no, and it doesn't seem to be healing. I still urinate normally and no pain when I go to the bathroom. I still get erections but obviously it hurts when I do. I've tried icing it twice, didn't seem to help. I have not ejaculated since so not sure if everything is ok on that end. Sex and masterbation is not an option as it's to sore.

    I am a 40 yr old, in good health otherwise. I can only assume it had something to do with our intercourse. As I mentioned, nothing popped and no pain during our session.

    I'm a tad concerned to say the least. Any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    counterso responded:
    No kind of penis pain is normal, and you should have it checked by a urologist. When something is wrong, the only time it can be addressed is very early on, not after weeks of waiting.

    While you may have simply strained some ligaments or caused soreness from over-use, you only get one penis, so better to check it out.

    While every man would like to think their penis is as tough as a jackhammer, it's not anywhere close. If you do not treat it gently, it will break or at least risk injury.

    The lump and "vein" you report could be an inflamed lymph channel.

    In any case, no sex or masturbation until you have been fully healed for several days with no pain.

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