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    Blood in semen
    An_256858 posted:
    Hello. I wasn't sure where else to post. Please read. A brief history: About 8 years ago I noticed blood in my semen. It ranged from spots (clots?) and streaks of blood to pink to looking like flat out blood. It scared the crap out of me. It was also at the beginning or end of a stream of urine (especially while going #2). I went to the doc who sent me to a urologist. I had numerous urine tests done then. The urine tests showed blood in there once because after taking a bunch of them I finally pushed at the end of the stream so I could show it was actually happening! After that I had numerous PSA tests done. (The highest I believe being a 1.9?..) I was told that was normal but a high end of normal... After that the urologist (who scared the CRAP out of me with the word cancer!) wanted a full work up. I ended up having 2 CT's done, numerous prostate exams and the incredibly fun cystoscope. All seemed to come back with good results so he gave me a levaquin and sent me on my way. All this lasted well over a month with the doctors visits and testing. This was about 7-8 years ago.

    Well the hematospermia never fully went away. It continued for a while and then actually seemed to disappear for maybe a full year once. I've had it on and off since then and it always freaks might right out but it usually goes away within 5 days to 3 weeks.

    Well I have now had it for about a month non stop and I guess I'm posting to see if there's anyone in here that's had this problem this long or if there is an expert with an opinion. It still comes out at the end of a urine stream (rarely) and at the beginning of a stream (very rarely). It's been all different kinds of bloody in my semen the last four weeks or so. I guess I'm just freaking out because it's lasting so long and I'm sick of it. I also do not want to go through all that awful testing again.

    Also whenever this happens I end up peeing more and pushing more urine out on purpose. I also drink A LOT of water when this is happening so all that could lead to more frequent urination.

    UUUUGH! Sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading. Frustrated!
    counterso responded:
    You should be freaked out because there is no occasion on which blood outside the body is normal.

    Your circumstance is not at all strange though, but it reveals that you have a problem with the blood vessels in your genito-urinary system where it sounds like capillaries are bursting, and of course leaking into your regular fluid stream.

    While not life-threatening, it isn't right. There are many things that can cause this, from heavy exercise or strain, to riding a bicycle. What the urologist was checking was to make sure there were no tumors, no stones, or anatomical anomalies that would lead to small tears inside your urethra which could bleed. If none of these were found, the most likely cause is something as simple as riding a bike.

    There are a litany of questions to ask which would take up too much space here, but the idea for you is to think about anything you do which puts pressure on your perineum (sitting on your foot, bike seat, hard chair, etc.), or any occasions when you bear down or strain (heavy lifting, defecation, etc.), or if you are significantly overweight.

    If any of these are things you do, then those behaviors need to be modified.

    Lastly, you can also go to an acupuncturist. There are treatments for weak "spleen qi" which is related to holding fluids in their vessels (like unexpected bleeding such as you have), and this may also help you.

    Otherwise it's a survey of all your activities to try and determine the circumstances that precede an episode of bleeding. Stay freaked out. Do something about it. Nothing wrong with drinking water.
    enoughalready82 replied to counterso's response:
    Thank you for your reply.

    My biggest concern with it is, of course, cancer. Considering that this has been going on, on and off for 8 years and the urologist never found that cancer was the case I don't think cancer should be a concern I suppose. (?) I assume after 8 years of it, if it were something as serious as cancer, I might have some other specific symptoms besides just the blood and occasional discomfort with it.

    I also wanted to mention that the urologist said he did the cystoscope to check my bladder for cancer. The test only took 10 seconds. I'm not sure if that's because that's just how long the test normally takes or because I was grinding my fingernails in to the chair and cursing like a sailor... And then there was the 2 CT's and other numerous pokes and prods that are what is to be expected with this issue.

    I do sit A LOT but rarely on a hard surface or my foot. I am maybe 10 pounds overweight. I don't ride a bike. I do understand what you are saying though. I'm Just not understanding what's really going on with ME yet. I am stressed out and have dealt with anxiety for decades. I also have had panic attacks for 8 years. They actually really started after the first time I saw the blood in my semen. Go figure. I've been dealing with them ever since. But those issues are maybe for a different forum.

    I have thought about acupuncture for a while now but had never thought about it for this specific issue. Interesting. Thank you for that. I will have to keep that in mind!

    Maybe I'll never know why this is happening. I just pray it's nothing serious. I imagine anyone that has experienced this issue has felt the same way... Freaked right out!

    Also I'll add that' I am a smoker (around 10-20 a day) and do enjoy a few too many adult beverages on the weekends sometimes. I have heard alcohol can play a role in this. If that's really the case I'll just have to cut that out. I can live without it.

    Thank you again for your response.
    counterso replied to enoughalready82's response:
    Anxiety increases many genito-urinary symptoms, although doesn't usually lead to bleeding. More often it leads to frequency and urgency and control issues with urination.

    I don't see any reason to jump to the conclusion that cancer is involved.

    More likely smoking is playing a role. Many smokers develop bladder cancer, which is probably why your urologist checked for it.

    Keep in mind though that your bladder is NOT connected to your sex glands. There's a valve that shuts off the urinary path when you ejaculate and vice versa. So if blood only appears in your semen but not your urine, then don't assume there is any crossover between the two systems. If you see blood in both, then the source would be somewhere AFTER the valve that separates the two different excretions.

    It is possible to have prostate stones which could cause occasional bleeding, but you'd likely see that evidence in both.

    I'm dead serious about acupuncture treating the strength of your blood vessels so they don't leak so often.

    Otherwise, there are uncommon circumstances where a person's circulatory system is just weak, and bleeding occurs for no good reason. I don't know who would analyze that, perhaps a cardiologist.

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