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    Penile strangulation incident (varicose veins, damaged corpus spongiosum, soft glans...)
    gengar9 posted:
    Hello, I fell asleep with a constricting device around my penis, the erection poked through and must have lasted several hours. the constriction point was in the middle (circumcision scar )

    After releasing it, I stopped having spontaneous erections and realized then that a vein under my shaft had practically turned black ( varicose vein). I could only get erections through mechanical stimulation but the corpus spongiosum , where the affected vein was, would always remain "empty" and so would the glans.

    Months have passed, I saw a urologist a month after the incident, who gave me small doses of Cialis to take every day and things have only worsened : ALL the veins of my penis are now enlarged/dark/varicosed, it seems like even the deep dorsal vein is affected as I can clearly see it through my skin.

    I now have horrible pain whenever I touch my penis, intercourse has become impossible even with ED meds because it's too painful, I avoid masturbation as well because it results in pain and hardening of my penile veins.

    WHen I run or jump I get a burning sensation, when I lay down the tip of my penis is very cold.

    No more spontaneous erections, Cialis gives me nocturnal ones but if I touch them I'm in excruciating pain. I've tried leaving the area alone for 15 days, I've tried stopping Cialis but neither works.

    I'm only in my 20s and it seems like my sex life is already finished...I have another appointment with the urologist in a month and a half but I feel let down , first time I saw him he did not even ask for an echodoppler ultrasound and my problems have become so much worse since...I don't know what to do.

    I thought perhaps I had fibrosis or blood clots that kept the blood from flowing to the head of my penis and damaged all my veins? Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Is there any hope for recovery? Dialogue with the urologist I saw is very difficult...And what research I did on varicose veins is that the only way to treat them is to remove them, but having a penis without veins doesn't seem to be an option...
    vikvaughn responded:
    Hi Gengar,

    First things first, do not even think of attempting to have sex, or masturbate again, until all pain has subsided for some time. Don't even test erections. If you do it will compound the damage.
    You've done damage, it must heal.
    Since you can still get erections, and they are somewhat normal, and not misshapen or angled, then there is definitely hope. You just have to wait this out, and it may be a LONG time, I know from experience, there is a reason I'm here.
    If you didn't find the urologist satisfactory, find another, that is a common situation, I know the frustration.
    Varicose veins will not normally be painful, what is MUCH more likely, is that the black painful vein(s), have experienced thrombosis (clots) from the prolonged pressure of the constriction device, in the penis this is called Mondor's disease, look that up. It is common that this is quite painful, if you look at cases around the internet, especially on penis enlargement sites (go figure), and it can take months to heal.
    And if it doesn't they have also been taken out surgically.

    Another possible problem that could have occured is priapism from the prolonged erection, which could have damaged the erectile chambers, and that is a much more serious problem. Now since you have mention you can still get erections, you may have gotten off lucky here. Either way, like you said, an ultrasound is definitely warranted as that will tell more what is going on with blood flow, and also I believe it will show vein thrombosis, as that is how they diagnose it in the studies I've seen.
    You definitely have to see another urologist as soon as possible (like in a few days) and explain the situation and pretty much demand help. I know this is rough man. I know all about dick pain that just keeps going.

    Anyway, can you explain a bit more about the pain: is it in certain spots or everywhere?
    Do erections hurt or just when you touch it?
    Any other lumps or discoloration?
    gengar9 replied to vikvaughn's response:
    Thanks for your answer.

    I suspected Mondor's disease but it has already been 4 months and things have only been getting worse even after I rested completely for 4 weeks, taking AINS.
    I think I may also have a fibrosis ( damaged erection chambers) because the corpus spongiosum does not inflate at all and my erections (which are mostly drug dependant now) slightly retain the shape of the constriction device, an hourglass. Of course neither of these things are visible when I'm not erect so it's easy to dismiss during a quick doctor visit.

    The pain is most intense at the area where I first had the black vein ( underneath the penis, mid shaft to glans), it feels terrible when even the slightest pressure is applied, especially if I'm erect I get pain for 4-5 days afterwards and I immediately have to stop doing anything, that's the reason why I said my sex life was probably over. The nature of the pain here is a burning sensation, I get the impression that there's a big issue with the blood flow. The veins on top of my penis hurt as well as if they were "pulled" and inflamed, they are now well dark and varicosed, they stay hard for several days if I attempt anything with my penis and I also have a pulsating artery that stays hard when I go "soft" and is very painful. Overall my penis is harder than before when flaccid, even without considering the hardened veins.

    Erections hurt a lot less when they are not touched but they still create pain when they go down, although it's not in any way comparable. I don't have any when I don't take the Cialis.

    What worries me the most is the worsening condition of my veins, like I said it started with only a few inches of veins being varicosed under the shaft and now the whole penis has become like that. The almost constant "cold" sensation is rather new as well and came when all the veins started to worsen, I really don't know what to do...Sex is not possible, masturbation is not possible, hot showers are painful, exercise creates too much discomfort...

    As for lumps or discoloration, the area around the constriction seems to be getting darker as well but I'm not sure it's significant. There are a lot more cords and lumps on top of my penis when I get erect, the veins are very prominent and dark and make my dick look like it's being dissected, it was seriously scary the last time I tried to have sex.

    I will try to find a urologist quickly, I hope he won't be too dismissive as the first one kept me for barely 5 minutes, I really did not expect things to get so much worse than they already were after this accident. This is very difficult to deal with and there seems to be very little hope.

    Anyway thanks again for your support.
    counterso replied to gengar9's response:
    The first urologist was probably dismissive because after a month, there's almost nothing he could do. In fact, if you had gone to the emergency room immediately when it happened, there still may not have been anything to do. Understand that what you did by restricting blood flow to your penis killed a lot of tissue. In many cases this cannot be regenerated, it's dead.

    As Vik pointed out, you're still getting some function, so it didn't kill the whole thing, just some of it. You're quite lucky it didn't fall off, as this is the same method (rubber band) they use to castrate sheep and bulls, restrict blood flow until the parts die and fall off.

    Really, there's no way for any of us to guess exactly how much damage you did, but having sex or masturbating is CRAZY kind of stupid right now. I agree with Vik, you may have to shop around for a urologist who is willing to listen carefully and take your feelings into consideration. There will be no one else who can help you. Hopefully some recovery is possible, but it may be there is not. Only careful examination is going to reveal how much damage was done.

    I hope you will never use a cock ring again.
    vikvaughn replied to gengar9's response:
    4 weeks of rest is a drop in the bucket, this kind of damage/inflammation (which I'm guessing there is lots of inflammation since you mention pain and pain when you touch it) will not be healed in that timeframe at all. I really injured my dick almost 14 MONTHS ago, and it didn't even start really turning a corner until about 4 months ago...... and I'm still here ,though ours situations are different.
    The penis seems to take a massive amount of time to heal, at least in the cases of chronic injury of other people here and on the net.

    What dosage of cialis does the doctor have you on?
    Was your penis discolored and/or in pain when you woke up and discovered what happened?

    I think it might be an idea to head over to the allexperts urology panel and ask on of those guys (I would go with stephen leslie) and explain your situation and also make a big point about the pain you are still experiencing.

    I really hope things get better for you, and if you just need someone to talk to or whatever, because I know what it's like, I'm here.
    undefined responded:

    I have exactly same kind of story. I tried stupid stretching method over night and it caused pain and swelling which I made worse by not resting my penis long enough but trying to restore the blood flow to glans and corpus spongiosum by restricting the out flow.. At first I thought it might take some weeks to heal, little did I know.. It has been 1 year and 8 months now and I still have little pain and swelling on glans and foreskin area mostly.. I also get some kind of strange feelings of blood flowing in my glans, not really pain but some kind of unpleasant short lasting feels, like if blood flows somewhere where it shouldn't

    I have had 3 celibates from weeks to a month and each time it has all gone better, pain has gone away and swelling also gone to minimal but each time the symptoms have returned as soon as I have ended the celibate.. But I believe there have been minor improvements after every celibate..

    I have been avoiding tight clothes and cycling because those things will increase the swelling and soreness..

    I visited a doctor, but they couldn't do much, My mistake was that I was more worried about the function of my glans and corpus spongiosum rather than the swelling and pain itself.. They watched my corpus cavernosum with Ultrasound but didn't find anything unusual of course because the problem was in glans..

    I am trying to restrain from masturbation for 3 months and see if it heals fully.. If it doesn't, I need to go back to the doctor and try to figure out if there is anything that could be done..

    This thing has ruined my life and I am having hard time trying to avoid depression. I have been trying to kill time and wait for healing.. For me it seems like my whole life has no future anymore, I haven't been able to study and have struggled of maintaining social life.. Trying to forget the situation and been mostly just playing computer games and watching tv-series..

    What makes it even worse is that I am 22 years old and still virgin, I am not even bad looking or anything, just haven't met a right girl yet, although nowadays I don't even care if the girl is right for a longer relationship as long as it feels right for the moment, but it's too late now, I am afraid that I can never have normal painless enjoyable sex.. And now I regret all those situations where I denied sex because of a girl that didn't feel right all the way..

    So I am still not quite sure if my injury is nerve damage, vein damage, tissue damage or mix of them.. My erection has been working but glans and corpus spongiosum will not get fully erected, but swelling and increasing pain after touching penis will make enjoyable sex impossible..

    I will promise to write here after 3 months if there will be any improvements or not.. I wish you the best luck for healing!
    whocares321 replied to 33888942's response:
    hey man,

    im in the same boat as you, 23 still virgin and very weak erections from damaged corpus spongiosum, this sucks
    jordan_15 replied to whocares321's response:
    I'm actually going through the same thing.

    First how I got into this scenario:

    Before any swelling etc. ever appeared, I had sex and couldn't get erect a week afterwards for unknown reasons.

    A week or so later when things got working again I had sex a few times since then, until one night I couldn't get hard.

    I tried to jerk myself with a hard but still flaccid type erection (if you can call it that). I grinded the bottom of the penis pretty bad when doing this for a few minutes because I was drunk at the time.

    Woke up with a crazy swollen glans and was impotent for months after this night. My spongiosum area had permanent lymph fluid buildup next to it that would drain and make my penis feel really messed up. Pain and odd penis shapes was common as well.

    Here's what I want people to know who are JUST getting into this, the penis takes FOREVER to heal.

    I'm sitting around 9 months of healing and only managed to get my erections back about 5 months into healing. I've had a couple normalish erections since then, but I've had my fair share of weak/soft erections too. I've had erections I couldn't even feel/wouldn't even know I had unless I saw.
    I've been through hard flaccids in the earlier stages of healing, and weird loose-penis feelings commonly over the months.
    I go through night ejaculations and wake up in the night with a weird shaped penis and some pain.

    For some of you, your gonna have a bunch of crap going on that isn't normal, but wait it out. I was freaking out and was feeling suicidal everyday for weeks on and off all in this one year, but things are ->slowly<- getting better over time.

    Good luck guys
    jordan_15 replied to jordan_15's response:
    Also leave your penis alone as hard as it is. In my case, the fluid being the most annoying thing next to the minor swelling, it's taken months of not fiddling with it to get some healthy drainage happening. 9 months in and there's still about 1/4 of the fluid still being retained inside it, hoping it's totally drained in a years time.
    counterso replied to jordan_15's response:
    Jordan, it sounds like you have had a lymphocele which often requires medical intervention to drain the fluid before it calcifies. Please see a urologist promptly. Do not wait any longer than you already have.
    bwfish4567 responded:
    Did you ever find a fix for your situation gengar? I am curious because there was a similar instance that happened to a friend of mine, and he was not able to find anything to fix it.
    thelight1 responded:
    I've looked into Serrapeptase for scar tissue, and stumbled upon someone taking a combination of Serrapeptase, nattokinase, Dan Shen (salvia miltiorrhiza), omega 3, and baby aspirin for his DVT (deep heinous thrombosis).

    I didn't look up the Dan Shen (apparently for thinning blood and circulation), but I did look up the Serrapeptase and nattokinase and have found almost ALL positive feedback.

    They all seem they could help your situation. I hope this helps you.
    counterso replied to thelight1's response:
    Self-treating thrombosis is very dangerous. Thrombosis needs careful and prompt medical attention, as any case of thrombosis could lead to death.

    Nutritional treatments for scar tissue are almost all for dermal scars, not for internal organs or systems.
    gengar9 replied to bwfish4567's response:
    A little update : no the situation has not been fixed at all, erectile dysfunction is getting worse,at this moment there's no way to repair veins it seems ( I will ask if a stents are an option at my next doctor appointment but I don't think it will be), whatever thrombosis I may have had would be fixed by now. My problem is worse ...

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