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    Stinging Pain at Tip of penis.
    pdotydot posted:
    Where do I start. The systems I currently have, have been going on for a year and a half. I have been in a monogamous relationship throughout. It all started out with a trip to my old docotr who had no clue what it was and he referred me to a urologist. There the guy said that I had prostatitis and gave me 4 weeks of antibiotics. That did nothing. So then he said that I have non-bacterial prostatitis and gave a few supplents to try. They worked for a bit but it kept coming back.

    I went for a slew of blood tests and urine tests that all came up negative. Finally this first urologist finally did the finger test up the rear and said my prostate was normal. But still I was having this tenderness near the tip.

    I finally went for a second opinion and the next urologist did a scope to check and it was all clear. He said it might have been caused by an injury years ago. I don't remember having an injury but anyways.

    So I would say in June of this year I started feeling a burning and stingy pain on the tip again. So off to the doctor I go and she notices that it looks irritated and said I might have a yeast infection. So she prescribed me a cream that I had to pick up from the pharmacist which I took for 10 days and things seemed to improved.

    Finally a week I started feeling that stingy burning pain all the time and I went back to the doctor and this time he couldn't find a yeast infection and gave me yet another round of pee tests and STD testing.

    I am trying to figure out what the hell this is. It can't be unique but I apparently have the medical world stumped on this. I think it may be a type of fungal infection that can't be cured with creams and that I may need a run of antibiotics.

    Has anyone out there had a similar experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Stingy, burning pain at the tip of my penis
    I have notice that I pee left. ALL THE TIME!!!
    I had the scope back in early June and no results. Pee flow was excellent.
    I have been on naproxen, Cipro in the last year but with different symptoms.
    Started feeling this stingy pain when I was diagnosed with a yeast infection on June 21, 2014. Tried using the cream again but has no effect. Not sure how long this two part cream lasts. It is part steroid and part anti-fungal cream.

    Going in to see the doctor on Saturday to find out the results. Most likely they will be clear just like the last 4 times I have done it.

    If you need more info please let me know.

    counterso responded:
    It is possible that the particular cream you received for the yeast infection is not very effective for your particular infection and you may need to take it a different way, such as an oral dosage to treat a systemic yeast infection because it's no longer on the surface but still irritating.

    Also, if your partner was not treated for yeast infection at the same time you were, you probably both have it again.

    There are about half a dozen things that can result in the painful penis tip. These include things like yeast infection, STD, small tear, allergic reaction, antibiotic use, and parasite. If you have not ruled out all of these things, you have a short list to clear.

    Keep in mind that there are so many nerves in your penis you can feel a sensation that does not originate from the location where you feel it. An irritation at the tip of your penis, particular if it does not look irritated, can be from somewhere internal, and falsely signaling its location.

    Since you had an extended dose of antibiotics, this could also be contributing to your persistent sensation. Please take a good probiotic supplement for at least 30 days.
    pdotydot replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks counterso.
    Update: I went back to my urologist and he said it was my prostatitis flaring up again and stuck me on an even heavier antibiotic for 6 weeks. Can I ask a question. Do the symptoms last for a really long time. Like I am talking almost a month of daily pain at the tip of the penis. Nothing seems to be helping and I have been on these antibiotics for 2 weeks now.
    counterso replied to pdotydot's response:
    Prostatitis can be extremely difficult to treat because there is very little blood flow in the prostate. That means any pill taken will have significant difficulty circulating through your system and reaching the prostate. It is not uncommon for treatment of bacterial prostatitis requiring 2-4 months of continuous treatment. It's important that you stick with it until fully remedied, because stopping in the middle will only make the continued infection MORE difficult to treat, as only the most hardy bacteria will have survived.

    Once you finish your antibiotics, please take at least 30 days of a good probiotic to restore your immune system. If the antibiotic you're taking now causes gastrointestinal distress, there are some things you can do too.
    iron73 responded:
    The answer is simple, and I know because I been through all the tests. It's stress! Try to stop thinking of it and lay off caffeine and alcohol. It will go away once you realize it's from stress. Had it for past 12 years and once I stopped thinking I was crazy and slowed up on coffee it went away. Only comes back when I'm stressed. Hope this helps
    counterso replied to iron73's response:
    Stress weakens the immune system, as do caffeine, refined sugar, red meat, and other things like lack of sleep and such stuff. But laying off the stress does not cure an infection or inflammatory condition, it only helps keep your immune system healthy when you are already healthy. It can help you be stronger while dealing with a health condition, but it is not typically sufficient for a "treatment."
    firelt132 responded:
    I'm currently dealing with this myself, have since late January. I had all the same tests as you. I went to a total of 3 Doctors, one Urologist, and finally a Nurse Practitioner that did a complete blood work up, and even a swab which is the worse pain in the world. She gave me anti inflammatory's and it seemed to go away after that. All my results came back negative. Then two weeks ago it came on again, and it's been off and on. So far two Doctors, same tests and back to Urologist next week. All results have come back negative again. I am only 34 years old and it really worries me. I have a very active career and constantly moving which doesn't help when "he" rubs on my BDU's constantly. This time around, I did realize that one cause of it coming on again, could be because I am single, and did "take care" of myself while in the shower, right before this happened. And uses dove body wash to kind of "help" Not sure if that helped bring it on or not. I have had a lot of stress with a divorce the end of last year and of course my work job is a very intense place to work where I could die or get severely injured any day. I do drink a lot of whiskey and mixed with Diet soda. If you find out what yours is, PLEASE post so maybe it could help me as well. Thank You for being brave enough to put this topic out there. It is most definitely embarrassing for sure.
    counterso replied to firelt132's response:

    Anxiety/stress alone can cause many urinary symptoms. It is a very common cause of urgency/frequency complaints, as well as some chronic pain issues.

    It can be very difficult to assess the source of the issues without being able to remove yourself from the stressors such as careeer, relationship, diet, etc.
    seanhh responded:
    Have you tried a penis health creme? These cremes are made for the penis skin and help with all sorts of minor skin issues. I use one because I used to get really dry skin down there. It has really helped me. You might want to try it out. Good luck.
    counterso replied to seanhh's response:

    I'm using my authority as WebMD Ambassador to remove your promotion of bogus products.
    An_264689 responded:
    Hello there,

    Did any body find a solution for this problem. I am having exactly the same thing and all my life became this pain I am really depressed.

    Please if anybody knows any thing Contact [email protected]

    SWalker88 replied to firelt132's response:
    I think i have some idea whats going on......mainly because I can relate to the exact symptoms. First stop all the test...nothing is going to show up. What you have is possible two things. Chronic Non-Bacteria Prostatitis and Interstitial Cystitis. First thing you need to stop is the Whiskey and coffee....these two thing will activate the flare ups for sure. Also no spicy food. Basically your bladder lining is gone so when acidic fluid specially Whiskey is exposed to it it will flare up your nerves which your prostate and bladder both have nerves going directly to the tip of the penis. Think of it as your stomach...there is a lining in there to protect the stomach from all the acid..once this is damaged it will burn your stomach lining causing an heart burn or worse case a ulcer. This is what Whiskey is doing to your bladder and prostate. I know it suck because i am a Whiskey and beer drinker but after this pain i had to stop and the pain stayed away. I take one Whisky on the rock, it flared up...In regards to supplements i recommend 30mg of zinc a day, Probiotic, Echinacea ( 2 weeks on 3 weeks off) and 30ppm of Ionic Silver water (3oz per day for 2 weeks. Also Qurcetin and Kyolic garliv every day...Been there, done that so I know what you are going through. Also no stress....
    dancingvoladores responded:
    I have this same damn thing! 40 years old, started off as stinging pain at the tip. It went away at first but then it stayed. Saw my urologist and got all the tests. I've had prostatitis before (but never with the burning tip) so he gave me a 28 day course of antibiotics (ciprofloxacin). 20 days in and only 2 random days of relief then right back to the pain (an uncomfortable rawness feeling--it's the worst when I am sitting). I'll finish all my medicine but this forum doesn't give me much hope for this course of action. I'm so glad this discussion exists (thanks pdotydot) --curious to see what all of your outcomes are/what works best. This needs to end!
    Charles0317 replied to dancingvoladores's response:
    Has any one figure this out or taken any advice off her and know what works best because I am have the same thing going on and has me really worried should I go to the doctor or what
    joe900 responded:
    think i solved this..those interested pls email me obiwankenobee at hotmail dot com

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