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    erectile dysfunction after cystoscopy
    scottc1 posted:
    I had a cystoscopy done in Feb 2014 for possible urethral stricture. I am a 34 year old Asian male. It was performed with a rigid cystoscopy under anesthesia. I experienced blood in the urine for about 2 weeks. A few months later, I thought all was well. I was in the bathroom and figured it would be good to see if things still work down there. I started thinking about some sexual fantasy, but I couldn't achieve an erection. I thought it was unusual. So the next day, I tried and again, could not get an erection. It was at this point I realized something was seriously wrong. I obtained the operative report for my procedure. It says the meatus was quite tight and would not accommodate a 22 French diagnostic cystoscope. So the dr used a Otis urethrotome to open the meatus to 25 French. Then the cystoscopy was performed. Later, I made an appt with another urologist at the same office (having lost faith with the original urologist). At the appt, the urologist explained it was highly likely that erectile dysfunction was caused by the cystoscopy since the nerves responsible for an erection are located behind the prostate. The dr believed the erectile dysfunction was due to some psychogenic component. The dr also said the average adult male will accommodate a 22 French cystoscope. I understand the erectile nerves also run alongside the penis as well. At the end of the day, the urologist(s) don't want to acknowledge my problem as a result of the cytoscopy. But I know my body and getting an erection has never been a problem till after the procedure. There is great variance with the human anatomy. Perhaps, my urethral is smaller in diameter than the average man. I am horrified to learn when something doesn't fit, let's take another tool, make a bigger cut, then shove that other tool in there when it didn't fit to begin with! What kind of screwed up, backwards, medical logic is that? By the way, no urethral stricture was found. It seems the dr could have just ordered a retrograde urethrogram (RUG) and if the dr saw no stricture, then a cystoscopy wouldn't have been necessary.
    So my question is: has anyone else experienced erectile dysfunction after a cystoscopy? And what kind of damage can be done when you use a larger cystoscope than the urethral/patient can comfortably accommodate?
    counterso responded:
    A cystoscopy is a traumatic procedure, even though common, and any trauma in the genital area can lead to erectile issues, as well as other kinds of complications, such as the blood you experienced.

    It sounds as though you may be seeking some sympathy with your initial question of logic, however the answers to your last question are not going to be found on WebMD. If you believe your doctor is guilty of malpractice, that is a legal issue.

    The answer to your middle question is that yes, many people experience ED issues after a variety of urologic procedures. The same as in any other surgical practice the balance is between whether the risks of procedure outweigh the risks of not doing so. As an example, many men after prostate surgery will never be able to have unassisted sexual intercourse again. Usually the risk of death outweighs the risk of lack of sex.

    Only your original urologist can explain their choices, and you should not avoid this doctor, rather have a frank conversation about the outcome and discuss your options in remedying the situation. This can be by telephone.
    ancientherb responded:
    Dear Scott1

    I read your post (I am researching on behalf of my father). I hope I can help you with a different persepective. What has happened is not correct and is really terrible and I absolutely sympathise with you (I have just been through a nightmare with my fathers care or lack of it and he is elderly which then in the UK medical system put him even lower down the scale add on to that an incorrect diagnosis of dementia and you can imagine what I am facing.

    Lets look at the situation: They may have caused some nerve damage and will have cause inflammation etc and cell damage. So what to do. I would let them go completely and turn to people that can help heal the damage. I would look for a really good Acupuncturist that has experience and knowledge of treating this sort of issue. I would find a good herbalist and nutritionalist. The herbs will heal the nerves and help with reducing the inflammation and heal the wounds. The nutrition ie Vit C and BComplex and whatever is advised will assist the body to heal faster. There are many routes to healing and it maybe that you just need to explore and learn what is needed. There is Indian Ayurveda, Chinese could help yourself and empower yourself by trying Qi Gong (very powerful energy healing, remember everything is energy) Have a look at Spring Forest Qi Gong run by Master Chunyi Lin and get Level one which will teach you how to move the energy physically and heal it and alongsied Meditation tapes particularly Butterfly Meditation which helps you to think right and open the channels of your body and send out the sickness etc you are most likely feeling abused and really angry and frustrated from not being heard and not able to get the justice for what has happened. But try to look now to the positive route to heal yourself and later deal with helping others with how you did it or write.
    I am not so good with these sights I post and then forget how to go back on to see if people reply. I will try if you want to chat but I am up to my ears with dad and mum now but I thought I must try to reach you. you can do it and do not go into the medical but believe you can sort this you just need to approach it in a way that empowers you I believe you can. Relax and move forward to people that will really help you. God bless
    I have put this on my watchlist so hopefully I will see if you reply
    counterso replied to ancientherb's response:
    While there is certainly room for valid treatment options outside the western medical practice, this is not what Scottc1 was asking about. He has not run out of options, only confidence with his doctors (of any variety). I too encourage him to seek more care, and demand better care, but an acupuncturist is not going to be able to assess or repair an incorrectly handled procedure better than the surgeon who was directly involved.
    nd1879 responded:
    It's horrible. I feel your pain. I had a lying Doctor tell me I needed to be catheterized so he could obtain a sterile specimen. The immature nurse who did it hurt me, then the Doctor changed the records after I was discharged to cover himself. He said I was unable to urinate on my own which was a lie. I'm scared and I feel like ending it. Please help me, somebody.
    counterso replied to nd1879's response:
    Medical malpractice is a legal issue. Fear of the doctor is not a reason to harm yourself. There are many times when a regular procedure like catheterization hurts, even when done correctly. It's difficult to perform, and is known to be painful for most people, the same way injections are painful. This is not a reason to panic, although it is unfortunate to experience.

    What help do you need?
    nd1879 replied to counterso's response:
    Thank you for your response in my main post. Your advice is sound, and it makes perfect sense. The only time I had where I bled was during the procedure and the following 24 hours after the procedure. That was over two years ago. The thing that I've dealt with for the past two years dice the procedure, are the disturbing symptoms I've previously mentioned that were not there prior to the procedure. I'm most worried about what the future holds for me. I've pretty much accepted that I will never feel normal down there after what happened. The things that really bother me the most are the occasional sharp pains I feel in my penis, the issue with fluids staying trapped in my urethra, and the clear discharge that comes out of my penis after ejaculation for several minutes afterwards (which probably happened prior, but I never noticed because I wasn't hyper vigilan about my anatomy).
    nd1879 replied to nd1879's response:

    Two years since the procedure.

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