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    Feels like an obstruction in my urethra?
    An_226282 posted:
    Ok for the life of me I have not been able to find any information on these symptoms I've been having, mostly because it's hard to search for something that is tough to explain. I am a 22 year old male in average health.

    The best way I can explain it... You know when you ejaculate, right before and during the climax, your muscles will get a very tense yet pleasurable feeling especially in the pelvic area?... And when you get that feeling from climax, you can try to "hold back" the ejaculation for a very very short time to extend the pleasure?

    Well it is the same feeling really. Like it's being held back. I will climax, and it feels like the ejaculate gets blocked or clogged about half way through my urethra. THen I get that "sensation" I explained in the paragraph above, but not because I am holding the semen in on purpose. The "blockage" seems to cause pressure build up until I finally do ejaculate (and there seems to be a normal amount of semen, too). But it feels like it takes about 10x more force to get it out than a normal ejaculation. A painful amount.

    This feeling comes and goes. It might happen every time I get off for a week, or couple of weeks, then the problem will lie dormant for a while. The first time it happened was probably a year ago.

    Also for basically the same time period, I've had burning in the urethra when I pee also. That is only about 25% of time time, though, and I'm pretty sure it happens when I'm dehydrated but I'm not sure.

    -My psychiatrist has had me on Adderall for a little more than 3 years too. When I started having urethra problems I was at about 90mg a day but currently I have all but quit taking it. The last time I did was over a month ago, yet I've definately still had the problem since then. So I don't think they'r related. Plus the fact that I was on it for 2 years before it ever started happening.

    -ALso I don't think it can be an STD because I had not been sexually active for more than a year before this started.

    Any insight into what might be causing this strange symptom.
    counterso responded:
    You absolutely need to see a urologist. There is nothing normal about any pain in your penis under any circumstances. You may have a small tear in your urethra, a stricture, or some other physical issue, and it's only going to be determined with an examination by a urologist.

    It should have nothing to do with your medication, and hopefully you were guided in going off your medication by your doctor and didn't just stop on your own. That's risky.
    An_245551 responded:
    It is the Adderall. I've started taking it about two months ago. The doctor prescribed it as needed. On the days I take about 3 or (60mg), I feel the blockage upon ejaculation. When not taking but 1 (20mg) a day I have no problem with it. Perhaps it is just an unlisted side effect as of now. I do believe there needs to be some study done about this.
    counterso replied to An_245551's response:
    Regardless, you need to discuss your symptoms with the doctor who prescribed the drug. All symptoms should be reported, just pick up the phone. You don't need an appointment. Your doctor may be aware of things that are not considered "common side effects" and will guide you in the proper changes to make in your medication.
    awyeahh1 responded:
    damn, I hape the same symtoms, a blockage feeling the moment of ejaculation. I'm not taking meds of any kind. have had chlamydia a few months earlier but had it treated. webmd is pretty popular, why so few replies here ?
    counterso replied to awyeahh1's response:
    So few replies because people only come to a urology message board to solve their own problems. They don't hang out looking for things to comment on as part of a community. It's Q&A and done, never to return (with few exceptions).

    The sensation you feel may have nothing to do with medication, but you're not going to be able to self-diagnose it. There are too many possible contributing factors, so you need an interactive discussion with a urologist to walk through a rational progression of thoughts backed up by expertise, a physical exam, and then you may be able to determine why you have this sensation.
    Buggeroff69 replied to counterso's response:
    Hey Count, if you aren't a doc or working in a practice, you sure smooth over the wrinkles in visiting UR dr's office for an exam. Why dont you tell them the details of having a 4 ft. orthoscopic tube put up the urethra..and how far for what possible ailment? Why don't you help people find UR Dr's that will let Oxycontin or relaxants be used before any of this emotional and physical toil is quitupled by proceedures that are in some ways just a little bit north of the dark ages...i.e the rubber glove, the catheter, etc. You seem surprised that people go to such lengths to avoid seeing a dr. by their own cures, but isn't it that most UR Drs have little time or patience to tell the patient exactly what's in store, and curb their anxieties in the first place?
    counterso replied to Buggeroff69's response:
    The behavior of specific urologists is not up for debate. There are doctors with abrupt manners and there are those that will take the time to talk, explain options and consequences, and hand-hold. Urologists are surgeons and behave like most surgeons. That does not mean the patient needs to tolerate such treatment, but because most men in a urologist's office are already wanting to be anywhere else and not to repeat any visit, they resist the urge to stop the doctor and insist that they have a full understanding of the options and learn what they can expect next. This is not unique to urologists, which is why I do not include it in the conversation. Patients need to stand up for themselves and to say NO if they don't want something or WAIT if they need an explanation. The obligation is not the doctor's. I can't guess what a particular doctor is going to do, so as a patient, you should always ask up front before anyone sticks anything unwanted somewhere sensitive.
    counterso replied to Buggeroff69's response:
    Urologists are surgeons and behave like most surgeons. It is the patient's responsibility to ask enough questions, demand answers or to say no to any situation. Since most men in a uro office are trying to avoid coming back, they often sit quietly and unhappily and don't question the doctor, assuming it won't make a difference. This is not unique to urologists. And it is not uncommon behavior for patients to surrender control of the situation when in fact they have ultimate control, seeing as they chose to be there. Always get your questions answered, make the doctor wait if you're unsure, and refuse a procedure you do not want or don't understand. There is a key element of self-responsibility lacking in many doctor visits. And it is not the doctor's job to hand-hold, unless you make it his job.
    alexh1995 responded:
    Anyone figure out this? I have pretty much the same problem , ejaculation feels blocked/obstructed pressure builds up until some comes out. I use to ejacualtion more semen but ever since I had a cystoscopy this has been happening and im very upset about this. I'm only 19 and I had prostatis so they did the cysto please some one help
    1111rhino responded:
    I'm 31 and I figured out how to cure this and how it comes back.
    It is caused by over masturbation. For me started months ago after a painful feeling while cumming sitting or basically on my back. After the pain myvein on my penis was hard and hurt for like a week. That healed and then I started feeling this clogging feeling. I was very upset feeling like this being I feel I'm still young and didn't-want my sex life to be over because I can't control myself from masturbating. I've tried to quit many times before but I think this may be my last straw and I'm writing in hope that I may help someone going through what I am. When this happens to me. I start to cum and then I feel this sensation in my mid penis like something is blocking my cum. It doesn't really hurt but it is really uncomfortable and sucks. Its scary and feels like all the sperm wasn't released. how I stop this from happening was by quitting masturbation all together for about two weeks. Then the next time the blockage was gone for a while, but than masturbating again for everyday to every other day it happened again and came back. I believe this is due to over masturbation for so many years and I know how to make it stop is by not masturbating. I believe masturbating is totally unnatural and this would never happen if I would of been cumming from normal sex with a real girl. Maybe a way God is telling me that this is not right. When you have real sex your in a position of action that would benefit the flow unlike sitting down watching porn. If you want to stop this horrible feeling then stop watching porn, give your self a long break and you'll be fine.
    counterso replied to 1111rhino's response:

    God nor anyone else in the universe doesn't care if you masturbate. 99% of men do it, and it's completely human. However, you CAN injure yourself because of rough handling, abusive techniques, not using lubricant, and such.

    The definition of "excessive" masturbation is either when 1) you injure yourself, or 2) when you reschedule other regular activities and interactions to make time to do it.

    There is nothing different about ejaculation no matter how it is triggered. The only thing that's different is the source of stimulation. If you abuse your body through rough handling, yes you can cause injuries and that's a problem. But there's no reason that you need to stop masturbating, unless you're recovering from an injury. The more your masturbation technique simulates sexual intercourse, the less likely it will interfere with a relationship with another person because you've trained your body to respond to your hand more than anything else.

    Watching porn is an entirely different subject. An addiction to visual stimulation can develop into something that requires more and more intense stimulation to achieve the same effect. This can lead to extremes which are common to any addiction.

    At the age of 31, most men are masturbating about 2-4 times a week. There are men all over the spectrum, some who masturbate maybe once a month, and others who masturbate more than once a day. I'm only talking about the average. So long as it's not interfering with other activities and relationships in your life, and you're not injuring yourself, there's no reason to withdraw or to feel guilt. Guilt and shame over pleasure is entirely a construct of the mind and has no purpose at all except as for someone else controlling you.
    undefined replied to counterso's response:
    I can't believe no Doctor has replied to this. I've been dealing with it for 3 years... ejaculation is unsatisfying, no release of the pressure - feels blocked - in fact, years ago, my young wife squeezed my penis so hard she blocked the flow of my ejaculation - and that's exactly how this feels - like the tube is blocked. Sometimes it clears for a few weeks, other times it's blocked for months, and I'm afraid that when I ejaculate the clog might just get worse - like it might dry up in the tubes and make it even worse.

    Three years ago i had my gall bladder removed, and they put a catheter in me for 8 days while I was in recovery. I was wide awake when the doc told me to hold on to the bed posts when he pulled out my cath. OUCH! It hurt like hell because apparently the catheter gets connected somehow to the urethra.

    But when I got home, I masturbated, and ScheZam! I exploded like I was 22 (I was 57 at the time). Blockage was GONE. Over the next two years, however, it slowly came back.

    I am convinced now that what we're all talking about IS a build up and a blockage of the ejaculation duct or tubes. And the cure might be simply a "rotor-rooter" of the duct via a catheter or a tube with a camera and a hook or something to clear whatever blockage is building up, like calcium or God knows what.

    How do we get a real Doctor to reply to this post??? I'd like to get a tube cleaning again... sex sucks when we can't ejaculate. the cure might be pretty inexpensive... and I know other guys who have the same issue (or lack of it)... ANY HELP WEBMD?

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