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    Penis Rash for Months and Not Going Away
    maxisworrying posted:
    For starters, I am a circumsized male in my mid twenties and Jan 1st have not had sex in years. All the sudden after a one night stand, I have a penis rash that won't go away. She didn't go down on me, but I went down on her.

    Jan 1st
    I have unprotected sex. Took a viagra, and went to town after years of not having sex. Partner was a friend and never had any symptoms, only 1 boyfriend over the past year and a negative test for everything, including IGG for herpes.

    Jan 5th
    After masturbating once a day as usual, I decided to go for a run. That night I started to notice a different feeling around the meatus. An area around the side the side of penis, the foreskin, began to be very irritated. Over the next two weeks it got worse. The feeling was major irritation on the side of the penis, and a tingly feeling just inside the opening of the penis.

    Jan 21st
    About 3 weeks after sex and still enduring the previous discomfort, I wake up feeling ill. Like I had a small fever and headache. I started to notice that the head of my penis is off colored, it's easily irritated, and very uncomfortable as almost a small burning. There are areas of red, it easily becomes very red. There are small blotches of white that come and go. There is an darker area that almost looks bruised, which never goes away. The rest fluctuates from day to day, and hour by hour.

    Jan 25th
    I went to the doctor. My concerns were sexual so he tested me for everything, including IGM and IGG. Everything negative. He prescribes me a steriod cream, no effect. I also told my ex she should get tested, she was worried, but went and showed me the results, all negative.

    Throughout the next few months
    I was sure I had herpes, but never any noticeable blisters or ulcers to get swabbed. The fever went away quickly, I don't know if it was related or not. I went to a urologist. I got tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, both negative again. I got tested for herpes again at the 3 month mark, negative IGG. I took an at home Oraquick HIV/Aids test which was negative. During that time I tried a fungal cream, Nystat powder, and even oral yeast pills, no effect.

    At 4.5 months
    I got retested for Gonorrhea, chlamydia, Herpes IGG 1 and 2, all negative. I began to feel ill as if I had a stomach bug one day, bad squirts, and generally unwell. I thought maybe this had something to do with another outbreak of herpes I don't seem to have. It went away, perhaps unrelated.
    Around 4.5 months I also got pink eye for the first time in many years. It started out in one eye. Only the inner half of the eye was red, there was a little crust, and all boogers were concentrated on the area closest to the nose. I was worried about herpes again, but than it went to the other eye as the one started to get better, same thing, only inner half of the eye. Now it seems as if both eyes are infected and I can't get rid of it despite taking tobrymicine drops from the doctor.

    In short terms
    I have had a rash on penis for 4 months, mostly concentrated on the head. There is a darkish purple circle like area with normal colored skin in the middle directly on the top of head, it never quite goes away but gets fainter when I sleep. I get red spots not even the size of a dime that flare up for no reason that will last hours, maybe even a day or two. I also get white spots, that appear kind of like the red spots. The red areas seem to get more noticeable during urinating or when I have to go number 2, or from friction. There is a feeling of burning on the head of the penis, it never goes away but gets better or worse all the time. This has been going on for months. What am I dealing with here? This is consuming me. I have been to a doctor, a urologist, and dermatologist who say it's not an STD, but can't figure out what it is. I have been tested for all major STD's, treated for fungals, switched to non allergenic soaps, tried not masturbating. The last diagnosis was broken capilaries. I have tinea versicolor/ vitiligo for years.

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    maxisworrying responded:
    I wanted to also add that I had drip after urinating. I have to wait longer to make sure that everything is gone. there is no pain during urination, a few times I have had slight irritation but nothing big. There are no bumps, ulcers, or anything open. There is no noticeable discharge, but once in a while I notice that I my opening sticks together and I get an initial spray.

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