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    How to cure an irritated or bruised urinary bladder post urinary infection
    Mister74 posted:
    I am a 42 year male who had a UTI for the first time 4 years ago. As it happened for the first time I could not act on first signs therefore it got worse and the doctors prescribed 'guess' antibiotics which did not clear the infection therefore I took 3 one week each courses before the infection (E.coli) cleared up. As it took more than a month to clear up me and my wife were nervous therefore I ended up at the urologist who suggested inserting a camera from my urethra to examine any plumbing issues inside. It was a very painful and expensive process. The doctor found no issues inside but an irritated bladder which he burnt and took a biopsy of the cells to rule out cancer. I am not sure why he burnt it and did not leave it for the body's natural healing process to fix. It will be great if anyone reading this can answer this question for me.

    In this case I do not suggest only trying home remedies as they will help your situation slightly but they will NOT cure it. Every day that passes by with the bacteria multiplying in your urinary tract it is not good for your kidneys and bladder therefore you must act very fast.

    The antibiotic medicine that eventually worked for me is Norfloxacin 400 mg. If you are not able to obtain it the next best I recommend is Trimethoprim. Please avoid taking broad spectrum antibiotics like Amoxicillin as they will NOT work in 70% cases.

    One worst side effect of having a UTI is that internally the wall of the urinary bladder gets bruised because of the infection which heals very slowly. For weeks after the infection is gone one feels uncomfortable because the bruised wall of the urinary bladder has not healed. I felt the same therefore did a lot of research on it but could not find much help except the fact that one should completely avoid coffee, acidic food/juices and spices for 3 months. The two things that did magic for me were 1. Drinking one glass of plain cold milk (straight out of the fridge — do not add any flavour to it) 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner. 2. One coconut water (cold out of the fridge — straight from the nut, not in the tetra pack). Do this for 10 days and see the difference.

    After careful consideration I have made the following changes in my life style :

    - Bacteria can grow and divide every 20 minutes turning one bacterial cell into 16 million in just 8 hours. Therefore the moment you suspect that you may have a UTI take at least 2 doses of a good antibiotic straight away. That kills it there and then. The 8-16 hour delay in the time one suspects the issue and gets the prescription from the doctor makes the problem much worse. If you have had the issue once I recommend to keep stock of Norfloxacin 400 mg or Trimethoprim 300 mg. Ideally you should complete the enter antibiotic course.
    - Clean your urethra every morning in shower with a mild soap or equivalent.
    - Increase water intake to 2+ litres per day.
    - During this period open your pants and urinate ( as opposed to lowering your zip) so that the last drop of urine can exit in the toilet leaving your underwear dry and non-infected.
    - Wash your hands with soap for at least 10 seconds for every (wee or Poo) visit to the washroom.
    - Wash hands before masturbation as dirty hands can easily infect urethra.
    - Both partners must wash hands before having sex and pee within 15 minutes after sex.
    - Do not sit on the toilet in a manner that your urethra is touching the front part of the toilet bowl as it has a lot of harmful bacteria.
    - Consume yogurt, Yakult (pro biotic), coconut water and plain cold milk to soothe gut and urinary bladder.
    - Avoid caffeine, alcohol, spices, sodas, citrusy and fried food for 2-3 months as they irritate urinary bladder. Come on a bland diet.
    -Dehydration can cause UTI therefore if you ever have diarrhoea please increase water intake and make sure to consume hydrolyte.
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