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    Seeing dark spots and string shapes in my left eye, , ,Help!
    frogieartist posted:
    This afternoon I started seeing small dark spots come in and swim around in my line of vision. I was at my computer and af first thought it was gnats in the room. I even swatted at a few! Then a string kinda floated in and when I looked away from monitor, I could tell it was something on my eye, not something in my room! No pain, physically my eye looks normal. I am not diabetic, but I do have COPD. I have been told I have the on set of cataracts but due to heath failing too fast-not going to have surgery. Should I go see my eye doctor anyway about these "floaters"? Everything I have read so far says there is no cure or remedy to get rid of them. So far, this condition is only in my left eye.
    An_226144 responded:
    I would go for a medical evaluation, just to be sure. It sounds as if they are floaters, but be on the safe side and have your optometrist take a look at your eyes.
    If you ever see a dark shadow in your eye or flashes of light, as well as floaters or blurred vision, you could be having a retinal detachment and that requires immediate medical attention, within 24 to 48 hours. Call your eye doctor immediately if this is the case.
    frogieartist replied to An_226144's response:
    Just an update. I did go to my optometrist and he confirmed exactly what I had already figured out . . . I have "floaters". He warned me if condition changed or I begin seeing flashes of light, that was serious and needs immediate attention. As for the floaters, there is nothing that can be done. He said that a rule of thumb is, whatever your age, say 54, then that is the percentage of chances you have (54%) of developing floaters in your eye(s)! Good news is that after a month or so, I don't really notice them at all.
    poppydan replied to An_226144's response:
    Anon I have just experienced a floater, which really was strange, but I also well driving the other night had a quick flash on the left side of my eye that was like lightning, and then it went away and has not come back. No blurred vision at this time. My eyes have always been very sensitive to light however. Is this also something to worry about, or seek medical attention right away? thanks!
    BrianXavier responded:
    I have had floater, or as I think they are for a few years now. I just turned 40, and I also noticed that the specs are getting worst. In both eyes I see black specs and extremely fine lines. They only move when I am moving my eyes, which means they are stationary marks. Originally they were really only noticable when looking at the bright light, or like a white wall for example. Now I see them all the time regardless of the level of light, or what I am looking at. To top it all off, I am a artist, so I am concerned. I suppose I should see an eye doctor, but my wonderful employer after 10 years has dropped our eye coverage. Any feedback from anyone, beside go to the dr, which Im sure I will end up doing.

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