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    Mild eye issues over last 2-3 months. Just realize vision in my right eye is noticbly worse than that of my left eye. Major concern or could this be fleeting?
    hadleyrandall123 posted:
    I have been diagnosed with nearsightedness for over a decade. I also have astigmatism. The last pair of glasses I got had transition lenses. I mostly wear contacts. I use the non astigmatism adjusting contacts. I was prescribed to kind for it, but they are stiffer and I didn't like the way they felt.

    No problems for most of my life. I think my doctor increased my prescription strength once or twice, not by much, and he did say I had a discrepancy in vision between my left and right eye (can't remember which was better).

    Over the last three months, school has been tough, and I haven't been sleeping much. ~ 4-5 hours a night is average. My eyes became really bloodshot. Drops didn't seem to help long term, only temporary.

    I continued to wear contact without any major issues, but when I came home to work at my computer, something was weird, and I always took them out. My vision just didn't seem right with them, for reading at a computer.

    I would just take them out, and put on those transition lens glasses and work.

    Less than 2 months ago, I saw my GP for a check up, he ran blood tests, and everything was perfect. No diabetes, but my eyes were red. He didn't seem worried and said see an eye doctor. I have been really busy though.
    Also over the last month or 1.5 months, my hair has been falling out at an increased rate. It's not pattern baldness, but just hair falling out. Doctor said it was probably stress and just it out.

    About my eye glasses. They are transition lenses, and over the years, they have developed a tint.

    Now, I have only started wearing them often, over the last three months. Before that, I would pretty much wear my contacts constantly and never put on my glasses.

    Not sure how the tint is affecting me, but it is very noticeable.

    Today, my right eye felt a little itchy, and something seemed off with my vision. Both with glasses on and off. I took the glasses off, rubbed my eye a bit, and the blurry vision didn't change.

    Frustrated, I looked in the mirror to see if there was something on my eye. All I can see is the blood shot redness (both eyes). No clear scratches or anything. My pupil response is fine in both eyes, but I started testing each eye individually and there is a clear difference. My left eye is noticeably better at seeing than my right eye. At a given distance (can't be objective but), my left eye can read nearly an entire line lower than my right eye.

    My right eye vision seems blurry. A little bit of diploid, that isn't rectified with any head movement. Just more blurry. Seems like straight forwardly, my right eye vision is worse than my left eye.

    However, when I was looking in the mirror closing one eye over the other. I noticed color in my right eye was actually a little bit more faint than my left eye. Looking at my skin tone of my face it looks just a little more faint. Possibly just blurriness.

    I don't have headaches or anything. I am studying medicine and have taken Neurology. I feel I am not experiencing any emergency symptoms, and have a feeling this will go away tomorrow, but wasn't to ask here if this might be something very serious? Do I need to go see an optometrist/ophthalmologist immediately.

    I am planning on replacing these glasses with normal lens (anti-glare) glasses and I am hoping to stop wearing contacts. I plan on getting corrective surgery (already approved and classified as an "excellent candidate less than 9 months ago) but don't have the money just yet.

    Today, the discrepancy feels strong. I can clearly notice it right now, but think, this might be a result of rubbing them.

    Rubbing my eyes shows no relief. Drops did nothing.


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