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    Migraine Headaches
    neTTe1220 posted:
    Can Any Tell Me What Should I Do about My Migraines. I Have Takin A Countless Number of Medications. Someone Told Me That I Could Be Hemoraging. My Migraines Are Getting Worse Week After Week Lately
    LaPeap responded:
    Are you positive they are migraines? You should look into cluster headaches. I have suffered from these for years, thinking they were migraines. They can lead to a migraine, though. I would suggest talking with a dr, but in the meantime try a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, like 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil. 2 Ecedrine and 2 Advil as soon as I feel the headache coming on will usually work for me.
    neTTe1220 replied to LaPeap's response:
    Yes they are migraines. I have went to doctor after doctor. All they mainly did was took my blood preasure, ask my a few questions and gave me prescriptions
    navywife32000 responded:
    i have suffered from migraines longer than i can remember. its genetic. i have tried every medication that there is. currently i take topomax to prevent them for the most part but when i get them i take imitrex orally. Works in about 20 minutes and you can repeat in an hour. There is also a shot form that works well also. My 11 year old has had migraines since birth and see's a pediatric neurologist for hers. She also takes Topomax to prevent them. When she gets a migraine she takes Migrinal, which is a nose spray up each nostril. Can be repeated every 15 minutes. Maybe give some of these a try.
    moomah replied to navywife32000's response:
    Be careful with the topamax, especially watch your 11 yr old. Topamax can cause depression, especially in younger kids. My best friend's 15 yr old's migraines were helped by the drug, but he became extremely depressed. My 21 yr old son became suicidal on the drug before he could tell if it helped his migraines much. My son has really been through the wringer with very debilitating migraines and has tried just about everything. Definitely see a neurologist to deal with them!
    BTW, I also took topomax for depression, and had no migraines while on it, but it caused terrible weight gain in me.
    Good luck!
    neTTe1220 replied to navywife32000's response:
    How do I get ahold of topomax? I want to try it but I have tried so many diff. kinds of drug. Im afraid that I may become addicted
    navywife32000 replied to neTTe1220's response:
    you can get topomax from your primary doctor or a neurologist. Are you seeing a neurologist? Topomax is hard to get addicted to since it has no addictive traits. I haven't seen any depression in my daughter and she has been on it for 4 years, perscribed by her ped. neurologist. I can notice when I don't take mine, even one dose, that a migraine comes on. Topomax really helps me. What are you taking right now? What are you taking for break through migraines?
    neTTe1220 replied to navywife32000's response:
    Im takin anything that has to do with headaches. I got Lamical XR from my neurologist and somethin else that doesnt do a damn thing for my headaches
    likeangelwings responded:
    my doc gave me what he called "an oldie but goodie" med called midrin. It's the only med that has worked for me. I was found to be allergic to imitres and all others in that same class of meds. Im also a nurse, i do not think you are hemmoraging. If you were, you would be down for the count instantly like an aneurysm. Hope this helps
    neTTe1220 replied to likeangelwings's response:
    I will ask the doctor when I go on back on the 5th
    moosie46 replied to neTTe1220's response:
    I have clusters & migraines, & am on oxygen therapy for the clusters. They come everyday & it has worked. My neurologist gives me primedone to keep them ay bay, but if one hits hard I get an "aura" in my eyes first,so I know one's comming. That & nausea (phenergen for that) & maxalt (I've gtried a few & am still looking for one ins. will cover). I go to bed, hubby bought heavy thick curtains & blinds, & usually, w/no noise or smells, it will go away. Just see a Dr. to see which one you have, cuz mine told me not to take otc meds (they do not work on a migraine!)
    neTTe1220 replied to moosie46's response:
    It doesnt matter what I take for my migraines, nothing seems to work. I have to get my prescription filled now but I can. becasue of other personal reasons
    rockenrobert replied to moomah's response:
    Speeking of depression, I went thru a sreies of test for migrains and was prescribed several differant antidepressinon meds. They made me goofy and didn't work, so I discontinued them.
    neTTe1220 replied to rockenrobert's response:
    did your migraines ever go away
    azlinda5 replied to neTTe1220's response:
    have suffered with migraines for 40 remedy I found is Imitrex....never had one go away by themselves before 12-14 hours...

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