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    Share Feature Removed from Community
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Dear members,

    You can count on WebMD to provide a private and safe environment bringing you security and peace of mind, especially when participating in community discussions.

    Over the weekend, we placed Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing tools within the WebMD communities so that our members could choose, if they wanted to, to share comments made in the WebMD community with their other social networks.

    With all of the concerns recently about the privacy of other social web sites and confusion over where personal comments are being distributed, many of our members have asked us to remove these sharing tools from the WebMD communities. We have done so.

    We appreciate all of your candid feedback and look forward to your comments as this is YOUR community.

    To learn more about the steps we take to protect your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy .

    Yours in health,
    WebMD Community Management
    alispazz responded:
    Though I am not one to voice my concern here...I sure thought it...As someone who tries to be very careful with private info I have enjoyed being here because of the anonymity, we are afforded. I am glad to see it removed...

    Ellador responded:
    I think that was a very good idea. I, too, have been bothered by the fuzziness between personal and private information that the social networks have created. I want to commend everyone that brought this up, and I also want to commend Management for listening.
    mel07430 responded:
    Thank you for listeing to us. We really appreciate it.
    Csewhappy responded:
    Thanks - I was concerned.
    jle09 responded:
    Way to go WebMD

    you guys listened to our concerns and provided a fast response! I'm very happy to see the share feature removed!
    renalupie1 responded:
    Thank you for removing that. As always, WEBMD listened to us! I appreciate how you really care about the communities and that is why I keep coming back.
    3boysmom1981 responded:
    Great job WebMd! I'm really impressed how quickly you responded to member's concerns.
    betsyo1967 replied to 3boysmom1981's response:
    well not that I"m going to complain that the buttons are gone. Certainly not a feature I ever had interest in using. I made peace with the lack of privacy on online forums long ago myself.

    none of these forums are remotely private. they are all public. When joining a community like this, be sure to chose a name that isn't one you would usually use if you have concerns about folks recognizing who you are elsewhere. Never post your email or phone number either online.

    folks still cut and paste full responses to post elsewhere. The buttons just made it easier for them I think it's easier to think that someone is posting links to their twitter account with healthy eating recipes in them that we've posted than it is with questions about someone cheating on their spouse.

    You still get complete strangers linking to your posts when they google issues.

    nothing on these forums is really yours.
    teacherbeck responded:
    Yay Yay Yay!
    shanastash responded:
    thank you thank you thank you!!!

    i think it's a good idea for the other boards, but not for the boards who come here to the grieving boards with concerns, fears and "triggs" posts...we are here for a bond with fellow TTCAL, PAL's or anyone who is greiving who needs the excape from their lives when we have an issue that ONLY we can understand...

    so again, thank you webMD for making such a fast response!!!
    NervousBride responded:
    THANK YOU!!!!!!
    Erynsays responded:
    I just picked up on this issue and I sincerely believe that the information some of which is very sensitive to the members should be kept with in the webmed system and that is what makes this site unique as there are many private issues memebers discuss and ask questions about and I have not heard good reports about some other sites you have mentioned such as Face book which recently was to have been reported from whomever using the site for gathereing info on individuals re:identity I think that webmed should be for serious minded folks who need their questions posted and answers available and thats what I say..Thanks from Eryn
    Geradine4733 responded:
    I can not believe that any one would suggest including Facebook, Twitter. etc. If that would happen, I think the majority of people would stop posting on WebMD.

    Why would any one want to do that?
    An_225064 responded:
    I whole hearted agree with the removal of the button

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