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    what is wrong
    soulsheart posted:
    had thought i might be pregnant- sensitive to smells, foods. neausous all the time, tummy hurts alot, tired all the time, unusual acne & facial hair, unable to tolerate hot food, specific cravings. had a blood test done not pregnant. my gallbladder was tested earlier this year and the dr said it was fine. i am a 34 year old diabetic. does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with me
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi soulsheart,

    Have you checked in with your doctor since you had your gallbladder test? If not, please make an appointment and bring a list of all of the symptoms you wrote here to your physician's attention.

    WebMD has an excellent Diabetes Community with several experts. You might want to ask your question there as well.

    I strongly encourage you to see a health care professional ASAP. Please let us know what you discover - your experience might help others looking for answers!

    soulsheart replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    dr has a full list of my symptoms and has for a while, saw him a month after gallbladder tests and he said everything looked good and he still did not know what was wrong but he has not ordered any new tests
    feelT2 replied to soulsheart's response:
    This must be disconcerting for you!! You must not be able to eat at all & if you manage to get something down-hoping that you will be able to keep it there...This was at start of September,have you been back to your doc to request help-he does not seem very worried while you are suffering!Did he give you any advice on what to all??Did you,previous to this,have problems with acne and facial hair???If,no prior facial hair & all of a sudden there is an increase in testosterone(i think that is the hormone which causes facial hair in women)-then there has to be a reason for these changes within your body and HE-Presume doc is male to show or rather not be concerned with your displayed symptoms at 34 yrs.You must pressure the doctor to run tests!
    Can you go to the emergency dept. and tell them that your stomach has been very painful & that you are extremely nauseous,all the time,having problem eating which is severe due to fact that you are DIABETIC!!! That would certainly get the ball rolling,in the right direction-giving you some answers that you dearly need!! I know that no one likes to go there & sit around waiting but if you keep putting this off -The entire matter might very suddenly be taken,out of your hands- if this is SERIOUS- and quickly comes to a head & you have to call for an ambulance,in the middle of the night!!
    Still,if you do none of the above,will you consider perhaps doing a CLEANSE.If you know little about cleanses,you,of course,can look up information about this subject.But I believe that you should go to your nearest HEALTH FOOD store and speak to the owner or head person and tell them everything that has been happening with your health lately and ask about a CLEANSE but do not forget to tell them that you are,also,DIABETIC.The people who own & work in these stores are usually very knowledgeable & many have taken courses so that they have the knowledge to help/Hope That I have'nt been too long winded with you & confused the matter!!!

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