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    lips swelling since i was in the 5th grade, now im a senior and i dont know what to do
    killercheese posted:
    Ive had lip swelling for about 5 years now. I dont smoke or drink. the swelling never fully reduces. It gets better some days but never fully goes away. when i wake up is when it is the most swollen. it reduces somewhat after a couple of minutes.At the same time i had a white patch on my chin and some swelling. I got cortisone injections and the white patch went away but the swelling still exist. Ive had many test done and nobody finds what wrong. I had a biopsy done and they told me i had some oral facial granulomas. I got cortizone injections in my lip, i took many types of pills including dapsone, minocyline and doxycycline and they help very little temporarily. I don't know what to do.Does anybody have the same issue?
    Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi and welcome,

    Have you been checked for any allergies?

    You may want to visit our Allergies Community , and ask your question there as well, but keep talking to your doctor about this as well, or see an allergist.
    I hope that helps!
    Good Luck and Good health,
    WebMD Community Staff
    feelT2 responded:
    It does sound like allergic reaction to something in/on your bed-since it is at its worse when you awake!Perhaps,your pillows!?Are you still using the same pillows-many people-especially younger-have their favourite pillow & will take with them when they leave home,to go to school or when move into their own place!when my lip swells-mostly it happens when I use a lip gloss-from health food store(it had peach pit as an ingredient)ended up with vastly enhanced lips-tingly,also.So,I am thinking that it is something that your lips might come into contact with,during the night-same with the white patch that is present-a contact thing.OR do you habitually bring a drink,kept on your night table that you sip on,during most nights?? OR a Snuggly -like a plush bear that you've liked to sleep with since you were young?
    Have there been any nights,perhaps when you slept away that this swelling did not occur,then??BUT,I do think that you should ask your doctor to refer you to an allergist-an Environmental-one woul better cover all areas! Wish you well in uncovering the cause.

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