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    Sprained Ankle
    summerbeach posted:
    I fell on the ice just over 3 weeks ago. My ankle hurt pretty badly as soon as I stood up (within 5 minutes or so of falling). I went to the dr. and they did an x-ray. There was no sign of a broken bone or anything unusual.
    I iced my ankle, took ibuprofen and didn't do anything more than just my normal day-to-day walking. Several days later, the swelling had increased significantly and the pain hadn't decreased at all. After a couple of weeks it seemed to be getting slightly better.
    Now, after 3 weeks, there still seems to be some swelling, it hurts to go up and down the stairs (a week ago it only hurt to go down the stairs).
    How long should the recovery time be on a sprained ankle? I'm concerned that it's not healed after 3 weeks.
    multitasker responded:
    It can take quite a while.

    What might make it feel better and work better for you is an ankle support, which you can get from Walmart or pharmacies like CVS or Walgreen. It feels really good the minute you put it on! I am wearing one now after overusing my ankle, one that I sprained badly about 9 years ago. I even sleep with it on.

    Of course, you may want to return to your doctor to be reassured that you are healing.
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, SB --

    in addition to multitasker's excellent advice, you might want to try to cut down on the amt of walking you do and to keep your ankle elevated when you can -- when you are sitting or lying down, for instance.

    -- susie margaret
    makuahine92 responded:
    depends on how bad the sprain was. i sprained my foot mid december 2009 and i still have little issues here and there even though i elevate it and minimize my activities. it is still slightly swollen but the doctor reminds me that i had a 3rd degree sprain and sprains can take longer than a break to fully heal and can actually hurt more too.

    i know each person is different in the healing process but i hope this sheds some sort of light for you. dont give up hope though.
    summerbeach replied to makuahine92's response:
    Thanks! I went back to the Dr. and they gave me some physical therapy exercises to do. The swelling has gone away, but it still hurts very badly.
    I am definitely elevating it, which is helping.
    Thanks for the advice!
    makuahine92 replied to summerbeach's response:
    welcome. have you tried massaging it with mentholatum or vicks vapo rub to help circulate anything? dont forget also that the shoes you wear can help you walk too im sure you know that but shoes with arches like tennis shoes or sneakers are really good. and definitely do your physical therapy exercises they gave you those always help. have a great one!
    cappuccinolover responded:
    Hi summerbeach,
    Sorry to hear about your sprained ankle!
    When you said you were doing your day-to-day walking, you probably should consider re-thinking thoswe movements. And the key to me was, when you said it hurts to walk up and down the stairs, the sprained ankle is reacting, and not wanting the pressure you're giving it. Rest your ankle a ton! Try not to apply the pressure (such as walking up and down the stairs, and normal day-to-day walking) to your sprained ankle. The ankle will heal faster the longer you relieve it of the activitioes you were doing. Trust me! I've had sprained ankles before! Apply plenty of ice, and try to stay off the foot as much as possible, or when you're doing your day-to-day activities\walking up and down the stairs, try not to apply as much pressure as you would as to your normal day-t-day life.
    Hope this helps!
    ~ cappuccinolover.

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