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    purpleangel761 posted:
    My in-law lives with us .. she is 90 and has alzheimers bad. 9 months and we(myself and my girls 13 and 15) can no longer take her constant questions or hollaring. It is always What time is it.? (even tho she don't understand time any more Got a mint? Hows the weather ? (even tho we take her outside to sit on porch on and off through out the day. and she does not comprehend weather any more either) (She is not able to talk to anyone as in conversations) And hollars HELP ME all !!!!!! the time for no reason. Day or night (yes night she does not even sleep through the night at all up 5-10 times every night) and walks through out the house hollaring HELP ME even tho she does not need help. Can any one please tell me what to do ?? or how to not let this get on ones nerves my daughters and I can no longer take the sleepless night and the constant questions back to back over and over. yes we know that is all she can probably remember to say. but she is driving us crazy. even if we do answer her, she don't understand us answering her. We badly need advise please help us.
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    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi purpleangel and welcome,

    This sounds like an incredibly stressful time for your entire family. (((hugs))) to all of you.

    We have an excellent community where you can find others that face similar situations:

    WebMD Alzheimer's Community

    You might want to check these resources to find some affordable options to assist you and your family with the day-to-day care of your mother-in-law:

    Alzheimer Support & Resources

    Best to you and your daughters!

    feelT2 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I checked this a couple of minutes ago & do not know if it was my PC but it had Replies 0 -was just going to check next discussion-came back to it & no replies maybe my glasses need update but sent note for you Haylen(yes,is a pretty name) asking you to respond to these people & of course having submitted it---I look again & 1 Replies jumps out at me! Sorry,love,for wasting your time! You are kept pretty busy but are on top of it.Great work!

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