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    Many symptoms but no answers, please help!
    Stephanie4131991 posted:
    Hello, my name is Stephanie, I'm 21 and I've been having some problems; some I've had since I was young and some just recently started while I was pregnant and continued after I've had my son. When I was younger, around the time I hit puberty, I started developing black hairs that grew on my breasts, LONG hairs. One day they wouldn't be there and the next they'd be at least a half inch long and if I leave them alone they can get up to an inch long. As I've gotten older they've spread to more around my breasts, up my chest, neck, and now I see them appearing on my face. I've also got serious joint pains in my hips, elbows, and my wrists; it's the worst in my wrists. Right now I can barely type this because I can't bend my left hand down as far as it should go. I've also got a terrible memory problem (I can be in the middle of making a sandwich and suddenly completely forget what I was even doing) and I have NO energy. I slept well on most nights but about thirty minutes after I wake up and do my morning routine I'm exhausted and ready to go back to bed. My period is sporadic, my hair falls out really bad, I used to be a very happy go lucky person but now I'm easily annoyed, and my weight is very strange. I wouldn't consider myself a fat person but I have this pooch, the area just above my pubis, that sticks out so far I can pick it up in my hands; I've had this problem since I was very young, possibly ten, even though I was an active child and didn't have fat problems anywhere else on my body.
    I don't smoke or drink, I eat pretty healthy, but I don't exercise regularaly (though I do have a 2 year old so I'm pretty active) I've been tested for hyper and hypothyroidism, carpal tunnel syndrome, had X-rays taken of my wrists, and had blood drawn to test numerous problems but NO ONE can tell me what is wrong with me. If anyone has any ideas of what may be wrong or possible home remedies or vitamins or ANY advice at all for me I'd be very grateful. Thanks you so much for any help.
    danpismybff responded:
    I was thing hypothyroidism. There are more than one test for it.It also sounds like POCOS. It affects fertility, but some people can get pregnant. There isn't really a test for it, it is diagnosed by symptom. I have it and it causes abnormal hair growth, irratic periods. See a doctor and demand ansewers. bring up the POCOS theory.
    Good luck

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